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Who won the vice presidential debate? | ABC News

ABC News’ political team discusses how Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris did during their debate, and who came out on top.

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    Democrats 2 republicans 0

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    Steven Mccullough

    Clear winner: The Debate. . . At least there was something that resembled one this time (kind of) albeit too much self entitlement on the part of Pence and too slow pace of response by Harris. Either or both looking much more aware and 'in tune' than their respective running mates. 7 out of 10 and an E for effort.

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    Pence won, Harris talks like she is trying to lecture us no thank you. Pence is right, Harris put away more blacks in CA for petty crimes than any other prosecutors here now shes a beacon of hope for the African community? LOL

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    I'm an undecided voter and Harris came across weak trying to insult the trump administration just to put her up!

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    Look I can't stand Pence but I think he won. They both did a great job but I think he won.

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    PJ-Ronin from fox comment page:
    TRUMP – Changed Obama’s Rules of engagement fighting ISIS & Defeated Obama’s ISIS caliphate that Obama created withdrawing from Iraq against the advice of his Generals. Took out the #1 #2 terrorists Soleimani & Baghdadi. Removed us from the disastrous JCPOA. China trade deal (Obama didn’t even try). USMCA with Mexico & Canada (again Obama didn’t even try). Recognition of Israel's capital, opening the American Embassy in Jerusalem, and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. TWO Mid-East peace deals. Stay in Mexico policy, Asylum agreements w/ Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador + Wall = 84% reduction in border apprehensions. NK fired long range missiles & conducted nuclear tests every 24 days on avg. under Obama, none in the last 700+ days. NATO took advantage of US taxpayers under Obama, Trump got NATO to contribute over $100 billion. Rebuilt our military after Obama gutted it with sequestration.. Established the first new branch of the United States Military since 1947 – the Space Force. Trumps foreign policy & national security accomplishments go on like that forever, while Basement Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy & national security issue for over 40 years, Robert Gates says even a broken clock has a better track record.

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    fruitofthespirit galatians522kiyee

    He was polite but, didn't answer the questions and spoke over his time. He was polite. I wish he would answer the questions. KH. We know the WH is a 🔥 bed for Covid19.

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    Please vote!

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    less deaths this year this same date than previous years even with covid: https://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2020/04/24/death-rates-2019-vs-death-rates-2020-per-week/

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    I didn’t know pence married his mom.

  11. Avatar

    No pence fell asleep he was sickly looking and sound like a Minor Bird and is Boring as hell took to long to make a point 7 mic drops to 3 and pence brought a fly

  12. Avatar

    Pence won. Harris couldn't even answer questions about her campaign.

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    The robots did better then their baby masters. These two are no better then trump and Biden why do we only get two choices we the people get to choose and we picked these people because they are rich is the only reason trump is in power way can't we have a normal guy in charge. But these four people are not the answer I disagree with only two choices just like when we had Hillary or trump what a stupid choice we have made

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    Why won't Democrats acknowledge court packing in the supreme court? This is a SERIOUS issue and Joe and kamala REFUSE to answer that. Doesn't this concern any Democrats here? I know people here hate Trump, but Jesus court packing the supreme court is A MAJOR attack in democracy

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    Harris won hands down!

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    Shelnkarrie Fernandez

    Your news is FAKE! What debate were you at?!

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    None of them are honest they are all liers

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    Interesting! Like watching a boxing bout where one fighter gets to throw half a dozen punches after the bell, and gets to do it every round. I like rules. And I like people who fight hard and fair. In a fair fight she would have eaten his lunch, spanked him, and set him on the fountain. As it was, she clearly won on points, but they let the other guy cheat! Probably made a great hit with Patriots (!) fans.

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    Winner by a landslide!
    Angels have halos, demons have flies. Pets of Satan.
    "A stubborn fly follows the corpse into the grave"
    "C'est une mouche têtue qui suit un cadavre dans la tombe!"
    ~African saying

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    I don't think Kamala won at all. George: The Russia debacle was concocted by Hillary as a distraction from her email investigation and it went all the way up to Obama (including Biden, Comey, Brennan, Clapper etc.). Does the Radcliff findings ring a bell? No conspiracy theory either. This should be the biggest news story of the year, but not a peep. ABC News….come on, how about some honesty? Perhaps your analysts shouldn't be what 5 or 6 Democrats vs 1 Republican? As an American I will continue to get my unbiased news reporting from Australia. How sad is that? I had to take a chance and see if things had changed. Nope.

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    Biden/Harris has been self-conflicting on many issues, as they didn’t do nothing in past 47 years, they have no way to win.

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    711Sudden Destruction Rapture Storm117

    Trump wins ALL THE WAY
    Jesus against the WHOLE WORLD EXCEPT His bride the church true Israelites and the unknown blessed ones OVER

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    To say Harris won is the biggest bunch B.S. I have ever heard.

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    The myth of Kamala the Great Debater was retired by Mike Pence tonight. She okay at barfing out DNC talking points and being belligerent in Senate committee meetings, where the members control the room and the Sergeant at Arms will lock you up of you don't just sit there and take it, but in a fair debate, Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Pence revealed that she is the emptiest of suits.

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    George James Ducas

    Kamala won

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    Pence was excellent.. Kamala just avoided questions like packing the supreme court and lie even on fracking. Pence destroyed Kamala!

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    Is the media really saying that Pence lost? what debate were these people watching???

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    Pence felt the rules didnt apply to him. What an ass.

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    Shelnkarrie Fernandez

    Harris and Biden has no plan for the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

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    The reality of it is is that the Trump administration is an administration of contradiction they brag about the Covid response but the damn president has Covid they brag about helping African-Americans but we as African-Americans are still in the same boat. They just liars.

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    i can tell you who lost….everyone who watched it

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    VP Pence crushed Harris in debate. Dems are crying. The only consolation prize: the fly that did the most damage to our VP, will be tomorrow’s hot topic on every fake new outlet.

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    Harris won, Pence didn’t answer questions just deflected.

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    The only thing Pence lost was his boot.

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    Charles Thornburg

    The fly was a metaphor for the Trump campaign dung heap.

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    Harris won. Stay safe. Vote Blue.

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    As a fair Democrat, vice president Pence won this one.

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    Pence won!! Casting couch kalama won satans skank of the month award.

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    it’s very nice and pleasant to see kamala and pence waving kindly at eachother in that one little bit.

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    The guy with pink eye and bugs on his head lost.

  42. Avatar

    Kamala, no question.

  43. Avatar

    they both landed blows. mike pence is a great liar , he is like a robot

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