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Who won the final debate? Here's what undecided voters thought

Want more debate videos? Watch them here: cnn.it/3iM1ESH
See more fact checks here:

CNN’s Gary Tuchman speaks with undecided voters in North Carolina about who they thought won the final presidential debate of the 2020 election between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

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    Want more debate videos? Watch them here: cnn.it/3iM1ESH
    See more fact checks here: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/22/politics/fact-check-final-presidential-election-debate/index.html

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    The 5-Star Review

    Anybody that tells you they are "undecided" are lying. Traditional American lie! As traditional as American pie. America is one big lie

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    Undecided voters less than 2 weeks from the elections?! Did these folks live in a cave the last 4 years or just the last year? 😱

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    different contrast from foxnews and cnn

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    Corrupt news network!

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    Biden disagrees too with entire America. Goodluck winning…

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    🇺🇸 Trump / Pence 2020🇺🇸. 🇨🇳Biden / Harris 2020 🇨🇳

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    The crazy part to all this is that if Trump had acted immediately he was briefed on this in late November/early December 2019, the virus entering the US could have virtually be avoided, and if Trump had locked down early, and promoted mask wearing America could be over this by now like New Zealand, and the economy would have hardly suffered. Instead this fool of a president dithered, vacillated, promoted a false narrative including calling it a hoax. Trump is responsible for the negligent homicide of 228,381 Americans whose deaths could easily have been avoided if Trump had acted in the proper way. VOTE THIS SCUMBAG OUT!

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    Whoever you voted for won the debate, this country is so biased that they put party over country and that is so disappointing, I don't know why there's even debates at this point, people will just watch them to talk shit about whichever candidate is going against their own, they won't even bother listening to what the other is saying. Honestly fuck Trump and fuck Biden, this country is screwed either way. I'll be waiting for all the Republicans who don't believe in Covid and all of the Democrats who think everyone is racist to talk shit to each other down below, both parties are filled with ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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    Ok i decided. Donald Trump. Thanks.

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    These undecided will remain undecided even after elections and not voting.

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    I hope trump wins just to make this skit look more stupid than it even does now.

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    That Debate sealed Trump's fate; you can see it on his face as he was leaving the stage with Melania. With his mic muted this time, he couldn't disrupt and distract away from his shortcomings. He showed tonight that he's unfit to be POTUS and doesn't deserve another 4 years. The media will report tomorrow that a lot of 'undecided' voters have leaned toward Biden.
    After a Biden victory in 2 weeks, America will begin it's healing while Donald J Trump and his kids charged, tried and thrown into the crowbar hotel.

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    My 14 year old child knows more about politics than these undecided voters.

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    CNN, you are beginning to tell lies, these are not undecided, where did you find them

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    The Kind of Message We Really Could Use Now From Our Leaders:

    (Imagine an entire Family is Fighting and Needing Income and everyone Wants to go outside. So, ..Our Parents tell us all to "come into the living room so we can have a family meeting." The Parents calmly tell us kids:

    Kids: We're the _____ Family, so let's just "Stop Fighting." Now.., – Let's all remember kids:
    1.) We're a Family
    2.) Now let's heal up from this illness first; We'll go to the store and buy some medicine we need until we're feeling better
    3.) Then: As soon as we all start feeling and begin to get better, We'll all sit down as a Family again, and then we'll All decide exactly what it is that we need and want to do.

    That's how most united families historically solved family disagreements and problems over the last 54 years in my experience. -#- 😉

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    Would have been a better cartoon sketch.

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    sleepy joe sellout American job to china.

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    Looks like they were a bit more careful in selecting their "Random" undecided voters this time. Last time it all went trump except 1 lol.

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    beard guy's mask 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @3:08

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    Fake news did with Democrats! I vote for President Trump 2020! Who built the case?

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    The few, the morons, the undecided voters

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    We dont need their votes they are idiots , these morons dont represent me , .

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    Saying your not racist is a racist comment according to CCN

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    I genuinely hope the heads at cnn develop suicidal thoughts. Investing so much to mislead the people. They need to go

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    The key strategy to this race is expanding your base, which are undecided & independent voters. I think Biden did a better job at convincing those undecided/independent voters than Trump.

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    These people are full of it just like CNN, im sure they grabbed 11 people who said they would vote for Biden

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    Undecided voters huh. Well thats cause they know deep down inside Trump steam rolled Lieden Biden and can't admit Trump won because they are bias.

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    mimzy1124 Lassiter

    Seriously?!? At this stage, less than 2 weeks away from Election Day, with allllll the shit that’s gone on mostly at Trump’s hand for the past 4 years, how in the hell could these folks still not know who they intend to vote for? Biden was VP for 8 years. Was their head in the sand?! I mean…WOW! It is so shockingly clear, or it should be to even mildly reasonable people that it damn sure isn’t Trump who not only should NOT have even been considered for President, let alone be re-elected. I mean…I…damn! I just do NOT get the fence straddling. Just…WOW….

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    Christina Jenkins

    Who built the cages Joe?

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    If you think CNN would have anything other than Biden supporters on…you’re a fool.

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    How come everyone wears the same black mask . So Fake s-it news CNN . You Blow

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    How can you come together with a crook still there?

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    Go Bama Roll Tide!!!

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    Trump destroyed Biden on every level, and thats coming from a Democrat.

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    Hey CNN,
    Why you won't cover this? Treason to the Union, SHAME!

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    Gary the lowest moment of tonight was his comments on racism "I am the least racist person- I can't even see the audience because it's so dark. But i don't care who's in the audience, i'm the least racist person in this room." If you think this is a racist comment, i'm sorry but you most definitely either 1.) have never been on a stage before. 2.) actually have stage 4 retardation

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    Tax Evader Trump caused major civil unrest without the pandemic, ie. promoting police to "rough detainees up." Draft Dodger Don also encouraged nazis by saying, "they're good people." The point is he's dividing the nation and essentially destroying democracy. He's a con artist, always has been, just research Trump University and how he got a court ruling of $25,000,000.00 against him for conning and ripping off students; our country is in the shitter and he's trying to convince you it's "great," only to get your vote. NOT ANOTHER 4 YRS OF HELL! VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS. Harris has a career of prosecuting fraud and people like bancrupties filer Trump.

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    This was a setup by democrates. Majority is democrates

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    So called "undecided voters" all siding with Biden on CNN. Not surprising whatsoever

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    "undecided" voters they got some balls to out themselves like that. I mean wth have they done for the last 4 years?? and this one guy still wants to see more lol. just a bunch of people crying for attention

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