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Who will Joe Biden pick as his running mate?

All eyes are of the presumptive Democratic nominee as the Democratic National Convention nears.

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    I hate to say this but if he pick ms. Rice.. i am not voting for him 💯💯💯💯💯✌✌✌✌✌

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    Val Demings

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    People keep saying Creepy Joe is delaying picking his female VP, but what they don't realise is they have to pass a very thorough sniff test first

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    I know many hate him but WE have to get TRUMP OUT!!!!!!!!!

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    So he made his wife pick lolz

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    ABC listen to this Biden is a loser

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    This video is racist

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    Biden’s answer to America… WOMAN!

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    Adios Biden if you choose any one of these dumb bitches. I said it

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    And the final rose goes to…?

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    Solon Sternbergh

    Barack America

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    Joe Biden should not even be eligible to run for President with his evident mental decline

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    He is just picking a woman of color for votes.

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    The Democratic party simply does not care about the people of the USA. It is all about power. It is outrageous that they would ask the people of the USA to vote for a person for President who has serious symptoms of dementia. Do you not realize that the President can start wars, that he has authority over our nuclear arsenal, over our H-bombs, over our nuclear submarines? You want to put the world's most dangerous weapons in the hands of a feeble person? Dangerous! Irresponsible! Reckless!

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    Nobody cares

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    I would like an intelligent voting woman of color to comment on

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    George Washington

    What is this…"Who will Biden pick?" That's for Democrats who believe Joe is in command of his own campaign. But on the real, ABC, you know that the Biden candidacy is a straw man candidate while the globalist establishment behind the curtain choose his "VP" for him. Whom they choose? Is the person that they intended from the start to govern the nation in their interest. Their interest, ABC? Is to weaken the power of the free populace, by raping the Constitution, to empower the ever expanding federal gov't until it is too powerful to contest thus completing it's "corporate" take over of the USA. Plot twist to the goal of your masters? A war erupts if the powers that be manage to be successful in cheating Biden into the WH. A war that makes what your ground troops, Antida, BLM, etc(funded by Soros) are doing now look like a school yard brawl. This is a warning to you and the left.

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    If he were smart, a speak and spell would be his VP.

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    Well whoever it is would be president IF he wins. I am voting Trump. Dems are too much of a mess for me anymore

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    My mattress has a better memory than Biden

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    Huh? So the next possible VP is being chosen based on sex? Really? Imagine if he had said he ONLY was choosing a man as VP?? Really America?!!

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    Joe Xiden will select whoever will help him send jobs to China…

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    We all know its going to be a bad pick no matter who.

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    We all know it's going to be Corn Pop 🌽

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    He will pick the one that smells the best.

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    Why are they all women? It has to be a woman?

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    Lol, Trump does something to help people who aren't rich, and even some poor people, and the Democrats oppose it. Something that is less than Democrats have talked about, but something that is more than Democrats have done, and it still allows Democrats to do more.

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    Just found out that Joe Biden has dementia. How will he run the country if he has a memory lost?

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    He will pick Susan Rice

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    A national Reckoning on race at least it's not a man of color white men have always had black women in the palm of their hands so chill because her ass is going to do what he say

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    I’m voting for Trump if Biden gets elected we will have the slowest recovery he won’t finish a 4 year term he’s going to lure young kids to sniff them in the White House and his VP is going to run the country cuz sleepy joe can’t

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    How can Biden have a VP when he recently said ; "My name is Joe Biden, and I am a candidate for United States Senate."

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    Say what you will about Donald J. Trump, but to his credit he hasn’t let the Office change him. He’s still the same guy the Democrats in New York turned loose to do as he pleased because he and his Russian friends were creating jobs. So get off your high horse Schumer. The Democrats gave birth to this gangster and the Republicans in Congress and in the Trump Administration are simply doing for Trump what you Democrats did for him and his late father in Manhattan. The lot of you should be shot as traders, and if the people will tie you thieving assholes to a post, I’ll shoot every last one of you.

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    At this point, DUMBASS BIDEN will probably choose his imaginary friend as VP… LMAO

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    The question is will we the People know who the VP is before Biden wakes up from his nap?

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    Trump/Pence 2020

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    The one thing we'll know for sure is that whatever WOMAN he picks (because it has to be a woman, right?) has the best smelling hair out of the rest.

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