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WHO warns of long-term, 'fluctuating' symptoms of COVID-19

The World Health Organization warned of lingering, inconsistent symptoms of COVID-19 long after the initial infection, and urged nations to battle the virus without ‘politicizing’ it.

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  1. Avatar

    Usual conspiritard sheep in the comments thinking they are the experts as usual , morons

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    American propaganda in comments…

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    what has this over funded organisation ever done for world health nothing ! callous corrupt criminals!

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    Lying shower of facists

  6. Avatar

    Snifffffin knickerzzzzzz

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    CCP puppet … you can see the strings

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    Wanker with mustache

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    'Long-term fluctuating symptoms' describes the flu. Nobody elected these criminals.

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    Corrupt to the core!!…Non compliance is the only way to end this…

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    Yes i know , i'am white man i have brought a burqa not a mask , i have brought weapon's not paid tax as they require civil right's and they have been removed along with my obligation pay , not liable without right's ,

    I will use my weapons in my burqa not a terrorist not mentaly ill not against the people against the power and if the power cannot see me the power can learn fear me i will target only polititions and high banking officals and if my anger goes as far as it lead to a political death i know i can not be charged with murder as it will be labled a cov death like the ones who drown in the channel or the ones burried by rubble in turkey or the people who died from suicide

    I have no fear just a fire in the belly and a slight hatred towards the power abusers

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    I'm having bacon bagels this evening. With BBQ sauce.

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    That Ryan guy looks like a prime candidate for a heart attack.

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    Keep fighting UK ✊🏻https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/313310

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    We know what this is really about…https://youtu.be/73fOCy0B75I

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    The same guy who described Ebola in Ethiopia as “ just a bit of diarrhea “

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    Shut your mouth 🤐 ,

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    Stefan Kwiatkowski

    1mil dead? Sounds a lot.. and scary, but globally it's actually 0.01% so, same old question….
    Who cares?!

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    A list of dangerous viruses that the world should lock down to exterminate –

    1. Paedophilia/child abusers
    2. Governments/Politics
    3. Religious “leaders”
    4. Murderers/torturers
    5. Nuclear arsenals/WOMD
    6. Chemicals in our food and water supplies
    7. Monopolistic companies and corporations
    8. Corrupt families I.e Rothschilds – Rockefeller’s – Ancient noble families like the orsini – Borgia – Medici etc who own the majority of the wealth in this world.
    9. Famous and influential shills that support the corrupt mainstream agenda – I’ll let you figure out who those wealthy individuals are, who pretend to care about you, don’t forget they’re famous actors.
    10. I’m going to end here, although I could go on and on.

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    Corvid 19…,,,,The biggest HOAX in History …..,

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    Don't listen to them

  23. Avatar

    We don't judge countries who have covid badly, we judge you WHO, and CCCP.

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    The fact that the people in charge of the WHO haven’t been put in lock up still astounds me


    🐕 🇨🇳

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    Globalists have declared war on the worlds people

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    'The Invisible Rainbow' by Arthur Firstenburg 😉

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    Radiation poisoning it is

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    Stop breathing, stop the virus.

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    The question is why would anyone care what these people say

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    So it’s seem like it’s true , the virus is a hybrid of cold , flu and HIV virus. Scientists at the start of this were saying it’s a virus hybrid and have been hushed.

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    Make it up as you go along Vid 19 , 20, 21 ,22,,,,,,,,,,,,, A Shower of CRIMINALS !!!!!

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    You take your poison vaccination just dont try pushing it on everyone else

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    The British Patriot

    😷🤬 Doctors of death! Don’t believe a word they say! 🤮

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    NWO in full swing… Total BOLLKS…

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    Praise be to ZARDOZ!

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    Cmon covid is getting old. We are enough of this global nonsense

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    Its not lockdown
    Its not wearing masks
    Its not distancing

    Its total mental abuse

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    We are all going down the SWANNY,the SWANNY.When will we ever Learn.Never.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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    The WHO is controlled by a homicidal maniac

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    Do the symptoms include being a crazy youtube commenter ??… that would make the most sense

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