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'Who the hell elected you?' Big tech CEOs grilled in US Senate hearing

Republican and Democrat lawmakers grill the CEOs of tech giants Twitter, Facebook and Google in a hearing about a federal law protecting internet companies from legal liability for content generated by its users. While Republicans focused on disinformation and the ‘censoring’ of Donald Trump, Democrats accused their rivals of politicising the hearing, while also questioning the mechanics of the platforms that promoted content they deemed divisive
Republicans use congressional hearing to berate tech CEOs and claim Trump is ‘censored’

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    Why does Zuckerberg look like an Alien

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    I can't tell if Zuckerberg is a lizard or a robot tbh

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    World Mayhem Organisation

    media and bought up corrupt press – are beginning to erode the fabric of democracy.

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    World Mayhem Organisation

    zuckerberg looks like one of those hairless cats.

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    Trump and the Republicans are the ones that have been so decisive

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    I cant atand amy klobuchar. Disgusting

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    Ted, the people who elected you are the people who paid for your campaign … and they are every bit as bad as big tech … you ranting hypocrite!

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    Facebook is right wing

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    Luke Skywalker and the lizard man

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    Who invited Ted Cruz to this important conversation…

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    And yes zuckerberg is a Alien 👽 his is related to me…

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    Zucker don't even look human. What the he'll is he.

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    Jim C. Goodfellas

    Get em Ted

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    Why can't you let the viewers decide what they want to watch?

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    It's simple. Don't lie and use hate speech so much to gain power and you won't be kicked off? He's in charge of his own business.

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    Oh why need elected Mr.Cruz? You can delete your Twitter account at any time you don't like it =.= Your question sucks

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    Does it bothers you what it does to the humans??.. should be the question sometimes.

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