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WHO Chief Warns Against Using Herd Immunity To Protect Against Covid | NBC News NOW

The head of the World Health Organization said the idea that herd immunity might be a realistic strategy to stop the pandemic “scientifically and ethically problematic.”
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WHO Chief Warns Against Using Herd Immunity To Protect Against Covid | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    Sweden/Sverige, are you listening?

    PS. Im a Swede, I know what the official statements are. But if you let the virus keep slowly spreading, you are not limiting the spread just slowing it down….

  2. Avatar

    That's why it's important not to ignore all warnings given by the WHO.

  3. Avatar

    Watch ""HELLO" trump parody" on YouTube

    Humble Driver's trump parody "HELLO"

    "Hello" trump parody

    If it's been four years, oh my how time flies.
    It's time to vote for me and not the other guy.

    There's been so much said about me.
    HELLO, what you've heard is Make-Believe.

    They make fun of what I say. They make fun of how I stand. They laugh at me when I'm drinking with both my tiny hands.

    They know just want to say those mean words make me feel blue.
    I'm here to tell those people, "I Hate You."

    There's nothing they can do to stop me. The fake virus made me cough and made me sneeze.

    I stand here before all of you like Superman.
    HELLO I now have immunity.

    Sleepy Joe is still confused.
    He can't put his words together. The Supreme Court
    will be on the white (I mean right side now and forever.

    Hear the words I say. The the Democrats haven't a clue.
    Let me tell the Liberals, "I hate you."

    HELLO. What you get is what you see.

    You got it right the first time you voted for the best. And after the election, perhaps I'll invite a guest.

    You know what I mean. (wink wink) You know what I plan to do. The weather could be stormy even for a Jew.

    Humble Driver

  4. Avatar

    God's signs could not be clearer: Trump isn't a righteous path.

  5. Avatar

    Trump calls it "herd mentality"

    Stupid man.

  6. Avatar

    63 million have lost their jobs. 100,000 more every day … for mortalitty rate of just 2.8%.

    Povertty and child malnutrittion to both double due to economic devastation.
    WHO joins the Great Barrington Declaration by condemning lockdowns

    Doubling poverty … 700 million more to live on less than $2/day … and doubling child malnutrition/wasting  to 400 million. So .. about 1 billion people moved into a dire existence … 

    Worth it?

    Any US media reporting this WHO information? Nope.

  7. Avatar

    It's should be declared ethically unsafe. It's unscrupulous and deception to spread covid-19 infection and disease to crush the pandemic outbreak across America may be erroneous and costly socially.

  8. Avatar

    It is the height of scientific ignorance to use "herd immunity" as a strategy, by allowing the virus to spread among a population!
    Bet me, those advocating this nonsense live in "gated communities, high-class towers or mansions" and drive to work etc…
    Their kids most likely attend private education institutions and they have the best health insurance policy money can buy!!!

  9. Avatar

    who believes a word these corrupt , so called "health institution officials say ? They always lie like the corporate media and corporate politicians do.

  10. Avatar

    "No need to take any measures, there are no signs of a pandemic yet" and several months later there are over one million deaths and the worst is yet to come in the next 5 years when the crisis will take even more lives than the virus itself and then, when the entire World will be on the edge, the "great savior" (russchina or maybe just china), will come to "help" surviving as their communist slave or die free in hunger and disease!
    How come this dude is still the head of W.H.O. and how come he is not prosecuted for the consequences of his (intentionally), bad recommendations?

    EVERYTHING COULD BE AVOIDED with very few (simple and easy to implement at the right time and in the right places), rules!

  11. Avatar

    Trump is as stupid as a rock.
    He believes he is now immune to COVID19 so he thinks if everyone at his rallies can get it, they will recover quickly and develop immunity as well.

    Of course what he fails to acknowledge is that no one will have access to the kind of medical treatment he received and everyone reacts differently to the virus so some could actually die instead of recovering.

    His sheep will follow him off a cliff, they are so ignorant.

    Ever been to a rally? Talk to some people in Iowa, Pennsylvania and Florida, it would amaze you how many ignorant people are living in America.

  12. Avatar
    Frederick Flavell

    Why does Japan only have 1200 d e a t h s out of 120 million everything about the Corona it comes down to how people live and their discipline you don't hear about the 550 thousand people that die each year from cigarettes and alcohol and more than ever those things would definitely suppress your immune system and put you at Great risk against the corona

  13. Avatar

    There is a law against knowingly and intentionally spreading infectious disease, Trump should be held accountable for the increase in outbreak of Covid-19.

  14. Avatar

    How does this guy still have his job?

  15. Avatar

    Also the misconstrued Dr Death approach that is currently being touted – i.e.- everyone just go out and get it – seems illogical given evidence points to short-lived immunity of 3-4 months as well as the long Covid phenomena we're starting to see.

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    The WHO lost all credibility when it started taking money from big pharma and can we really trust any of the major networks when at least a 1/3 of their advertising revenue comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

  18. Avatar

    And days ago who said..dont use lockdowns..
    These guys are just vying for funding.they say whatever

  19. Avatar

    Because America has a large minority of religious extremists falsely claiming to believe in "right to life" who lack humanity and care nothing about the sanctity of human life, we have over 215,000 COVID-19 deaths in less than a year–many of them preventable. COVID-19 task force "leader" creepy VP "Pandemic" Pence, President of Notre Dame Reverend Jenkins, Notre Dame law professor and SCOTUS nominee Amy "COVID" Barrett, are just three prime examples.

  20. Avatar

    NBC and the WHO. You could not find 2 organisations on this planet who's values are so similar. Repugnant, Repulsive human beings. Full of lies and corruption who only values are "Money and Greed". The saddest thing of all is that they teach these values to their own children.

  21. Avatar

    Toxic Trump on the 215,000+ Americans he killed with his gross criminal negligence: "The thought of even one American death keeps me up all night…and golfing all day!"

  22. Avatar

    Toxic Trump: "Since Ivanka takes a pregnancy test daily, don't wear a condom!"

  23. Avatar

    All because of Toxic Trump and Republican’s poisonous pathological lying:

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans are senselessly suffering and needlessly dying.

    Right to life? That's just a sick joke dishonest, hypocritical Republican cult likes to tell. They don't care anything about life; they care only about corrupt minority power.

  24. Avatar

    Republicans: "We're killing America and ourselves…so we can keep it great!"

  25. Avatar

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  26. Avatar

    Nuremberg trials for this Medical mafia and FAKE news.

  27. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/BkEgssCf4lc watch this he exposed the vaccine tune in keep the kids and people safe

  28. Avatar

    Get ready for zombies folks. We got Regeneron (Sounds like some Umbrella stuff to me) and we all this.

    Double tap.

  29. Avatar

    Unless the vacination is free you're wasting your time since most Americans don't have health insurance to cover it. I doubt big pharma is giving it away.

  30. Avatar
    IThinkWithMy Dick

    My thoughts & prayers go out to the poor lonely Coronavirus, stuck inside its republicunt hosts.
    My heart breaks for this poor virus, thinking of what an ordeal it must be suffering.
    I wish the virus the best luck at overcoming its frightful situation.
    Thanks to Trump, this coronavirus has received better healthcare treatment than most Americans.

  31. Avatar
    IThinkWithMy Dick

    To all Americans: VOTE HOWIE HAWKINS / ANGELA N WALKER for POTUS/VP 2020. Green Party USA!
    or Charlie Kam / Liz Parrish U.S. Transhumanist Party for POTUS/VP 2020!
    Make the White House Green or Transhumanist in 2021!
    You can't blame Greens, Transhumanists, Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, or Libertarians.
    They're not the ones in power.

  32. Avatar
    IThinkWithMy Dick

    I am PROUDLY a PRO-WAR Green, militant Antinatalist
    Pro-BirthStriker Animal Rights Vegan Atheist Mathist PhD Mathematician.
    Only maximizing fairness & justice & minimizing suffering matters.
    MANDATE VASECTOMIES & MANDATE ABORTIONS & OUTLAW BREEDING until you make life perfectly fair.

  33. Avatar
    IThinkWithMy Dick


  34. Avatar
    IThinkWithMy Dick

    To say a dog turd would be better than Trump or Biden would be an understatement.
    Yes, we all know, the entire world knows, that ANYBODY would be better than Trump or Biden.
    That ANYBODY or ANYTHING would be better than a republicunt or democrap.
    But, there exists ZERO LOGICAL REASON to vote for just ANYBODY, to settle for just ANYBODY,
    when you can vote for & put into office the TRULY GREAT: Greens & Transhumanists (and some other political parties).

  35. Avatar

    traitor trump and gop governors are responsible for 200,000 American deaths. It's going to get worse. It's going to get worse because of traitor trump and gop pos govs like DeSantis.

  36. Avatar

    Paradise a COVID HOT SPOT =Kailua Kona Hawaii JAIL*=*NO MASKS 6+ Officers 8+ Inmates (only 2
    Guards & Nurse WORE) Given masks after transport before Court !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Avatar

    Why are we listening to this Chinese A$$ clown since he is a pawn

  38. Avatar

    Wow, a Marxist talking about Herd immunity 😀
    That sound like Karl Marx wanting to wipe out Europe again like its 1855 LoL
    You can fool some people sometimes ,but you can not fool all the people all the time.
    You Imprison the world ? Deem everyone criminal since Covid ?
    Im impressed how America is turning against Freedom and accepting slavery again.
    All it takes is a Cough and a Sneeze and you are out.

    You want a revenge on the peoples ,right ?
    The Media Beast System against the peoples,thats why you took over YouTube, right ?
    We back in the old Colonial-Communist game ?

    Ok, let the Games begin.

  39. Avatar

    Back in the old Colonial-Communist Game… well, let the Games begin:
    YOU(BeastSystem) vs the Peoples (World).

    Ok, should of said it earlier , like a man, from face to face. And not like this,from behind the back 😉

  40. Avatar

    Isn't it just a little suspicious that the best course of action is always bigger government control and less individual liberty? I mean come on what happened to punk rock liberals. You've all become so cucked by political correctness.

  41. Avatar
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  42. Avatar

    Hopefully by now, most of us know to do the exact opposite of what the WHO says. They’ve been wrong about everything since January.

  43. Avatar

    HUMANITIES PERPETUAL CYCLE IS ENDING! And we still haven't learned!🇺🇲….Aka not a 🌊….🛸🤔

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