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WHO briefing on the latest Covid-19 pandemic developments – watch live

Top officials from the World Health Organization (WHO), including director-general Tedros Adnahom Ghebreyesus, give a press conference on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  1. Avatar

    There can be no forgiveness if no remorse !
    This is not even law, this is common sense, to every normal people, all over the planet.

    The people and their Government, who started this pandemic, do not seem to have any remorse.
    They are irresponsible and only in denial.
    Same people, do not even show a little regrets, but keep on touring the planet, both in business and as tourists.
    Shameless and disrespectful.
    I’ve not seen they spits someone in the face, but it seems like they have found another way……

    This is not a small local, although serious enough, hunger catastrophe !
    This is, recording to the media, by your own numbers, 40.000.000 infected , in the first year !
    More than 1.000.000 dead. Real humans !

    I have friends, poor in the jungle, and not very well informed, who ask me, if I think this is war.
    They don’t have COVID-19, they don’t know much, but some are going to bed starving, because they are affected, strongly, by the unaccounted and irresponsible restrictions, imposed by WHO.

    How can WHO ask everyone to be loyal to irresponsibility like that.
    How can WHO behave like a singsong entertainment, playing childishly, and say we are family.
    This is not a sing along party, where we talk solidarity.
    This is 40.000.000 people.

    Get a grip !
    Shame on you !

  2. Avatar

    How many more times do we need to hear “wear masks, wash your hands, social distance, test trace and isolate….” ???? I think hearing this over and over again is actually backfiring . People are rebelling

  3. Avatar
    Kingdom of WhisperingWind.

    WHO is a corrupt criminal organisation

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