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Who are Jeffrey Epstein's close female associates? | USA TODAY

The female confidants in Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle.
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Following Jeffrey Epstein’s death, at least six women who accused him of sexual abuse have already filed lawsuits against his estate and associates.

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    These bitches need to go to jail too. Fry them. Nasty hoes. Recruiting kids. WTF were they thinking. All of the L's

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    According to the flight log on Epstein's Lolita Express, Bill Clinton was a frequent traveler on there. I guess no one should be shocked by that.

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    No doubt that William Barr is only looking for the tape of Trump raping Katie Johnson when she was a 13 year old little girl so he can take personal custody and have the tape be stolen in a burglary or something like that.

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    Ol slick Willy still not arrested or anything

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    and in other news all these women committed" suicide"

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    Hillary's husband is one of Epstein's "associates".

  8. Avatar

    Pedo rings to the elites are common knowledge.. All these women are complicit. The intelligence community uses people like Epstein all the time.

  9. Avatar

    I said a week ago that Epstein will fake his death and boom, two days later he dies?
    is not stupid, his untimely death (and not Suicide) will cause leaks that no one can

    patch, I bet
    the first place his pics and videos go to is Wikileaks, then to the
    Independent News sites where it will spread like wild fire!
    Smarts would never let it go to the MSM or anti Trump/Reps sites where it would lay

    Sure his BlackBook has names,….so what,…………..So What?!
    Names don't mean anything if connected to nothing.
    And if you ask an Elite about their name in Epsteins book they'll just say "So What!"
    Time will tell, when nothing happens to the Elite, then Epstein is not dead!
    Sure people like Bongino, Judicial Watch, Hannity, Ingram, etc, all mean well but I've
    been hyped up enough, I've been crossing my fingers till it cramped, Trey Gowdy and
    Chavetts, resigned.
    I know better,……..There is no Make America Great Again,………No, not according
    to the Bible.
    This hysteria will only get worse, the Birth Pangs closer.
    Why be the greatest country on the planet,…. when we'll be consumed by magma from

    Yellow Stone,
    Earthquake Faults San Andreas, Ramapo, New Madrid shaking everything,
    Asteroids aiming for earth, tech, 5g/Smart Meters, DEW, EMP, Crisper/DNA
    created beasts.

    or China won't be interested in what's left that's for sure, well at least for a

    while, maybe until the bodies decompose?
    Trump tries to pacify the people and expose the darkness, but isn't that what the
    Illuminati, Deep State, NWO want, to be recognized,
    Because of Pride?
    All of Politics is a stage and the politicians merely
    players,……………………………..and guess who's getting Played?
    watch all the conspiracy theories pop up out of no where and many will
    be generated by the Deep State to add to the confusion!

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    Hillary Clinton number one associate

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    And Clinton's 26 trips on Lolita Lolita, express to Little Saint James Perv island. Truth. Do you report…..? No Why,? You are involved

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    There's something a bit Mossady about the whole Epstein saga .
    He comes from nowhere to be a multi-millionaire …with his own fantasy sex island.
    He has a black book full of politicians , royalty , you name it …thicker than the Bible.
    His shadow, Ghislaine Maxwell's father …given a state funeral in Israel (why ?)…buried in a top plot on the Mount of Olives.
    It stinks of a KGB type honey trap ….. except on a gargantuan scale.

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