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White Mother Bear Fights Against Bigger Male For Territory | Natura World: Ghost Bear | BBC Earth

A mother bear finds a new spot to catch fish, another black bear arrives to steal her territory. Will the mother bear survive?

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Natural World: Ghost Bear
In the vast wilderness of Canada’s west coast lie forests that are home to North American black bears that through a quirk of genetics are born pure white and known as ghost bears. Canadian film-maker Jeff Turner and his own family spend a year following a she-bear and its cubs as they coped with the constant threat of hunger and potential predators all around.

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  1. Avatar

    They chose this guy as the narrator?

  2. Avatar

    White on black crime is real

  3. Avatar

    Pussy male. Throw your weight around, bro.

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    The Male was arrested . Falsely accused of domestic violence.

  5. Avatar

    If that white bear was fatter and uglier the black one would have fallen in love!

  6. Avatar

    bears are lucky, they get free fresh salmon, i have to pay 20 euro 100g

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    the Female just annoyed the hell out of the male with the fake wage gap and he just left

  8. Avatar

    The man was doing all the work, the female came working 1/2 as hard and said she wasn't being paid the same. the man left before the wave of crazy feminists came.right call.

  9. Avatar

    This happens to us humans😂😂💯

  10. Avatar

    How does the bear know if the fish is a male or a female

  11. Avatar

    I seen one where the wolves and a huge grizzly hunted together..the wolves would surround the prey and let the bear go in for the kill and eat..he would leave them some and all got a meal..

  12. Avatar

    The tag is very racist!!! 😂 😂 😂

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    Why is the narrator talking so white

  14. Avatar

    The black bear is stronger because it can say the n word

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    I have seen a white bear for first time

  16. Avatar

    What kind of white bear is that, I thought it was the polar bear ..

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    Почему мишка белый?!!!!! Скажите ктонить!!!!!

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    2:35 every day thing with my wife she always give me shit

  19. Avatar

    That male knows he is going to need her one day. Very strategic move

  20. Avatar

    Why choose a narrator with a lisp…. Jesuth

  21. Avatar

    Why the black bear let the male salmon go? How does he know is a male? I don't get it.

  22. Avatar

    Black bear heard about the Kardashian's no doubt..

  23. Avatar

    You see that shit, she's half his size, stood her ground, and he had to leave with his tail tucked between his legs😮🤨 bad to the bone😘but then on tequila, 100 lbs dripping wet, it took 6 police officers to cuff me… Tequila makes you 10 ft tall and bullet proof😎😘

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    never seen bear that colour other than polar bears. and you'd think animals would learn they can happily share the territories

  25. Avatar

    Why does bear only want female fish

  26. Avatar

    She better be glad he held up when he almost went off

  27. Avatar

    Now more animals in my recommendation…good job YouTube…good job

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    У хищников инстинкт охоты в крови

  29. Avatar

    Why did the black bear let the salmon go?

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    I've heard about blonde bears but I never seen one before. So interesting that this is a thing.

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    He should’ve just put his thumb in her butt

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    👍🎩Respect for vidio man🐻🐼;-);-);-);-)

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    How did the bear know the fish was a male???

  34. Avatar

    Oh lord the big male could not bare her attitude

  35. Avatar

    Yea ok! Lady bear male bear I really dnt care!!! Who paying for all this salmon?! It ain’t free u kno lol 😄😩

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    Damn pushy women 🤣🤣🤣

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