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White House press secretary tests positive for Covid-19

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced she has tested positive for coronavirus on Monday morning. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta explains how the virus may be spreading around White House.

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    This election isnt just about voting Dump out of office.

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    Sweet Kayleigh McEnany attended the Academy of the Holy Names, a private Catholic preparatory school in Tampa. After graduating, she majored in international politics at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Washington, D.C. and she studied abroad at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. While at Oxford, she was taught politics by future British Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds.

    From there, McEnany enrolled at the University of Miami School of Law, before transferring to Harvard Law School.

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    Well you know… "It is what it is."

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    Very Stabil Genius

    "This administration gets it." No truer statement has come out of there mouths. They got it.

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    Is'ent karma the botch that shows up to the party late…

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    Lie to yourself, Kayleigh, and make it go away

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    I had a list of COVID predictions. I am missing Jared and Ivanka.. the rest its pretty much dead on wxcept for Pompeo and Barr

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    They are above the laws of the land. They don’t care about Americans and their lives

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    God is sending a sign that Republicans are the devil amd god save usa!

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    Hope they all be well

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    Trump going back to WH…how bad can it get. Take him in a straight jacket.

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    Gerald Johnson Ras Jahson

    That Damn China Virus!!!!!!! Karma!!!!!!!!!!!! It finally caught him!!!!!!! Babylon will burn!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Good for her. Jr, Eric, Barron and Ivanka are next. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    FYI Draft Dodger And Vladimir Putin Lovers
    My settings are set to block your ignorant comments so send as much as you want till you turn into a black man/woman. I will never get a notification of your messages. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    “Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential ‘drive-by’ just now has to be quarantined for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.”

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    Slow down WH testing

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    "Oh, shit…..!!!!! …… I don't have a tab in my binder for this."

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    Serves her right!!

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    Well she never tol a lie, the liar.

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    This so dam fake. After pumping him with unapproved medicine that could have side effects, they are releasing him. What a croĉk, like one person said all the military answer to Potus so everything is a script. Fake Fake Fake

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    Margarita Hammond

    Kayleigh McEnany has lied to the American public as Press Secretary. Americans should understand and be clear that she will continue to spew out her propaganda lies for Trump and the Administration. She is just as dangerous as Trump and an enabler.

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    If the president wants to come back to the White House you should let him in and if they happened to keep circulating the disease to each other between now and November it is their right they are the administration they are the law poor we do disagree

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    Perhaps Trump should have paid someone to take the test like he did his College entrance exams. Or maybe not take the test, then he would not have gotten a positive result.

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    One day, it's like a miracle. Trump will disappear.

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    Given how those clowns are handling this the whole administration is gonna end up positive before the end of the week….

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    This had to happened! Sad

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    Luis Morero Gutierrez

    Well that's what macaroni gets thinking that there are invisible to this pandemic disease hopefully this is an eye-opener for all these idiots and administration

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    Sad but still,

    vote them out. This country does not need this recklessness at the highest levels.

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    I feel nothing.

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    This is actually like what caused WW1. In the same manner essentially. The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was having a parade. A Serbian Nationalist group sent men to assassinate him. They all hesitated except one. He threw his bomb at the car but missed. He then took a cyanide pill and jumped off a bridge. He said something but I can’t remember what. Well the cyanide pill was long expired and the water under the bridge was only a few feet deep so he broke his legs…the crowd beat him to death after retrieving him from the river. Anyway, I believe it was Archduke Franz Ferdinand that they were trying to kill. When he stopped somewhere he couldn’t believe people would try to kill him. After all everyone in the crowd was cheering him. But against his guards recommendations he decided to go see those injured in the blast. He went back out, people cheered, and then the driver took a wrong turn and the car stalled. A Serbian guy named Gavrillo Princip (Sorry if I didn’t spell his name right) was eating right across from where the car stalled. He went out and shot the archduke and his wife. He was one of the Serbian Nationalist.

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    Another scam by this Administration

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    I don't believe any of these clowns

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    TRUMP: "As you can see everything is going tremendously positive very qiuckly in the White House. We're doing really a fantastic job"🤗😎🥳

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    I'll say it, I love it. Couldn't happen to a nicer gal, unless you add Kellyann Conway, oh…wait! Hahahahaha

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    Somebody acknowledges my QUARANTINE opinion,…took you long 'ENUFF…

    14 + 14 = 28 Days of QUARANTINE,… means NO MORE DEBATES BEFORE ELECTIONS … , that is, unless he breaks PROTOCOL…

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    I wonder if trumps staff get paid by the hour or the lies I hope its the lies

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    F*** them all! They did their best to make sure that we all got it.

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    He wants to leave to the white house cuz he's not done infecting the rest of his cabinet

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    The Untouchable Tarchon Glitch

    trump should get prednisone !!!

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    Awwwwww what a shame lol

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    Natural selection at work

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    Need and deserve huh

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    You can add the two secret service guys in Trumps car.

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    Shocking just shocking that you dems are so giggly with glee ..too bad it won’t last 🔥😉😈

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    When Biden moves into the WH in January, he's gonna have to hire someone to sanitize it real good.

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    Trump should be in a metal institution

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    He didn’t learn anything he is a lier.

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