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White House press secretary tests COVID-19 positive

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.
She is the latest among US President Donald Trump’s inner circle to be infected.
Over the weekend, she gave several press briefings without wearing a mask.
McEnany was one of the many people who attended Trump’s Supreme court nomination ceremony who has now tested positive.
Meanwhile, Trump is continuing treatment for COVID-19.

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    Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming Channel

    Donald Trump is now a health risk to the general public. Well he already is when he downplayed the virus costing 200,000 lives.

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    Trump 2020

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    POTUS TRUMP defeated the dreaded CCP VIRUS. Trump will finally defeat the EVIL LEFTIST DEMOCRAT VIRUS very soon God bless America!

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    Dominos falling one after another

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    Allahu Akbar!!!

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    Kayleigh McEnany, Press Secretary enrolls COVID-19 real school after Trump graduated. They both went to the same faculty

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    For lying to the world, she deserves getting it! GOD has spoken and has given the gift of the virus to those who denies it!

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    Norman Heslington

    His campaign

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    5150 … Is it odd " all of a sudden" since March 2020 Republicans are mysteriously announcing they are Covid19 positive???
    Something is being hid from the public

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    This made my day!.

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    Not even on our office we would risk such spread

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    thank you Heavenly Father for restoring our Commander-in-Chief with Liberty and Justice for US All.🌺Kayleigh. No more expected pressers DEPRESS CESSPOOL PRESS POOL due to liability insurance against bad performance responsibility. I wonder if the media will question Joe why his boy colluded with Moscow mayor's wife $3.5MIL. He's already back at the helm. NO MORE BRIEFS.

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    Tell her to get back to work. According to DT, WH and Fox & Fiends, Covid-19 is fake right?! So they must be lying about have a fake disease. Nonsense.

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    It should be now called "Coronavirus House" in accordance with the wish they ask for. 😄

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    Whole WH is infected with the virus 🦠 they will spread everywhere

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