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White House press blames media for 'panic' over Trump's health

WH Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern tells ‘The Daily Briefing’ that ‘panic’ was created by ‘many in the media that maybe wasn’t justified.’

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  1. Avatar

    Panic? What panic? With a white house that's always lies everyone should be skeptical of any thing coming out of it

  2. Avatar
    Dan & the Dogs Adventures

    Lame stream are the cause of most division and problems with fear mongering. 1st amendment needs a little amendment lol, only to deal with lame stream

  3. Avatar

    You worked for George w bush who are you to talk about transparency?

  4. Avatar

    So finnaly bleach injection works. Lets spread more to others and dont wear mask anymore.

  5. Avatar

    I knew he would get better because the president have 6 doctor attending him and got his personal hospital.

  6. Avatar

    God blessed Biden and gave trump covid-19. (FACT)

  7. Avatar

    Anyone else unable to stop looking at his nose? It resembled…the tip of a certain male appendage. I'm not trying to be mean, but it was very distracting.

  8. Avatar

    Ahhh, and there goes the super-duper. a lot of people who had gotten sick, a lot, just a few ended up in a hospital – all who had some other serious pre-condition(s), everybody else recovered, and rather quickly, in just a few days, faster then from any serious…..
    How dare you to question highest authorities on medical science CNN and Washington Post. You going even claim that daily taking of HQC and Zink helped him to overcome infection in such short period of time??? But Bezos and Gates are telling their liberal followers real truth….A PRESS GUY(Bezos) AND A COMPUTER SCIENTISTS(Gates) ARE THE ONES SOME LIBERALS LISTEN…GOD HELP US…
    Easy solution, let conservatives go back to work and let the left stay at home and collect welfare. (if not for the welfare they would have been begging to open up)….In other words let the country return to normal….
    Experienced doctors are saying his "COVID pneumonia" does not require a hospital stay anymore, which should free up space for people with real problems.

  9. Avatar

    The Press is responsible for virtually everything this country is going through right now.

  10. Avatar

    Trump's stupidity is the most contagious virus to worry about. It's affected everyone who voted for him. That and his desire to steal the election by fair means or foul. This is how a dictator wannabe thinks and operates. Fox "news" is merely his & the GOP's public relations mouthpiece. Btw, if it's actually in some 90M homes, than that makes it the same "Mainstream media" they're always railing against. More GOP hypocrisy.

  11. Avatar

    Fox is controlled opposition. Fix your faux polls shills!

  12. Avatar

    Lol… He says they are prepared… Just lol

  13. Avatar
    p checksinthemail

    Watching the coverage of President Trump leaving the hospital and returning to
    the WH, haven't seen that kind of disappointment from the left since 11/03 16.

  14. Avatar

    He’s got Covid 23

  15. Avatar

    Cover is not the threat! Trump is the threat! Nazis in the White House are the threat! Keep America diverse and free of white supremacists!

  16. Avatar

    I'm looking forward to the relief check, so I can pay it back in Feb on my tax returns.

  17. Avatar

    Trump 2020!!! ❤️💐❤️

  18. Avatar

    Just Imagine what Fox would do if Biden have got the virus.

  19. Avatar

    Hey Fox News, did you know the media also includes Fox News? You’re letting the guy out the blame on you as well

  20. Avatar

    Trump and the United States of America are a threat to the globalist(Vatican, Queen and certain governments and some media) United Nations One World Government New World Order plan.
    This is not conspiracy

  21. Avatar

    Mahaloha Danna 🤙!

  22. Avatar

    The fake news is punishing the White House for getting sick? Instead of being compassionate..demons

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