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White House physician to provide updates on Trump's condition

The White House physician is expected to provide updates on Trump’s condition after he tested positive for coronavirus.

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  1. Avatar

    👏👏👏 president trump support🙌🙆 2020

  2. Avatar

    🇺🇸TRI – UMP🇺🇸🌎🛐

  3. Avatar

    The team did great job regardless the attack of WH reporters as mad hyenas

  4. Avatar
    tzipporah batami

    Appreciate this clarification. You need to speak up about your allowing him to be without a mask because if you have viral diagnostics to prove it show them. Because it looks disrespectful when he doesnt wear a mask.

  5. Avatar

    I believe strongly that Trump faked his illness so that he could "recover" and show his idiot supporters that he is "stronger than covid". You all know that he is not above doing something as heinous as that

  6. Avatar

    Dr, Conley not wearing a mask while outdoors is supportive of the President not wearing it outdoors or when more than 6 fee apart either. ♥

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    May all the made up media reporters choke on your mics. We all know this is hard for you to hear. GO AHEAD PRESIDENT TRUMP, YOU CAN SAY I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar

    Great Doctors and medical team!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!

  10. Avatar

    These journalists are disgusting! Not one journalist cares about his health..period!! Hyhenas! None of your business what medication he's on..

  11. Avatar

    1:09 Squirrel!!!

  12. Avatar

    This MD is perfect example of why the VA sucks these doctors are the bottom of the barrel the bottom of there class no real doctor would allow him not to be in quarantine he's spreading the virus as I'm writing this this an abomination of stupidity

  13. Avatar

    "We have some time for Q&A, hit me with all you got lightweights."

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    Trump es patético y débil.

  16. Avatar

    Trump will turn all hospitals into Walter Reed now.

  17. Avatar

    Proof Covid-19 pandemic is a HOAX YouTube video "Crimes against Humanity" spread the word

  18. Avatar

    I keep thinking about that 80s song
    Bunch of liars..
    Just remember if their lips are moving its a sure sign they are lying.
    I am so glad he's okay. Now on with the LIES
    Complete deception every bit of it
    This is a BIG CON JOB and we are all victims of these scumbags.
    You will all answer to a higher power for your WITCHCRAFT.
    You lying dog's!

  19. Avatar

    Viral Load is similar to CT value of a positive test , it determines if you are contagious to others and to what degree if any … a positive test DOES NOT automatically mean you are contagious ,it is the CT value of that test test which determines how contagious you are if at all …

  20. Avatar

    Now Watch the stupid media The Mad Dogs confusion confusion lies and More Lies they say I'm confused so I'll just lie they sound like a bunch of dogs barking no offense to the dogs, NOW NO VOTES for you Democrats Crazies

  21. Avatar

    You should never lower a "healthy" fever. The fever is what kills the viruses in your body. It's only when it really spikes you should lower it some.

  22. Avatar

    on trump's covid 19:

    -60% FAKE, its a strategy, to pretend and tell the world trump has covid19, JUST A PROPAGANDA. WHEN AFTER JUST SOME DAYS HE WILL SAY THAT HE IS COMPLETELY HEALED, this will make people believe that HE IS TRULY A MIRACLE OF GOD THEREFORE HE WILL WIN the election.

    -40% karma, but still cured by the vaccine only the rich & powerful has access to.

  23. Avatar

    You are from your Father and he is the Father of all lies. There is something after this short time you are on earth. It is called eternity. You have chosen who you serve and you will be Judged by The Most High GOD for the innocent lives you have destroyed with your lies.

  24. Avatar

    What part of "I cant discuss this due to HIPAA" do these people NOT understand…. smh

  25. Avatar
    Rose Marie Leonard

    Trump needs to be out, He got a country to save!

  26. Avatar

    I hate those stupid reporters they're ruining an amazing moment in our lifetime errrrgg

  27. Avatar

    How many times do they have to say hes fine

  28. Avatar

    "Every day a patient stays in the hospital is a risk to themselves" Dr. Conley is so right. One's own flora changes with each passing day inside a hospital, which is why is best for the President, if the medical team deems it right, to leave before he gets ill with something else.

  29. Avatar

    God is great! So glad that President Trump is doing well enough to go home and continue his treatment. Continuing to pray for President Trump and the First Lady.

  30. Avatar

    God Bless President Donald J Trump

  31. Avatar

    The Greatest President Ever !!! TRUMP 2020

  32. Avatar

    The press can’t handle the truth, 😝

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