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White House doctor says Trump ready to leave hospital

White House physician Sean Conley gave an update on President Trump’s condition at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Md. on Oct. 5. Here’s his press briefing in 2 minutes. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    This doctor is shady as hell

  2. Avatar

    Left wing WaPo has more thumbs up than thumbs down? Thats interesting on its own.

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    This is all a con to trick people into thinking that Remdesivir medicine works. Its been a couple days, people that have actually taken the drug took about 2 weeks to recover. (Trump is invested in the companies that make this drug)
    And to make it seem like the virus doesn't do anything (which all the hill-billy Reds will agree to)
    As someone once said….fake news. UGE fake news.

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    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

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    To the all the people asking how he got better so quickly. I can tell you as someone who he and his whole family had COVID. I had a fever and it randomly went away after 24 hours. But the only main thing you have to deal with most of the time is the loss of taste and smell for about 5 to 7 days. You can also have a hard time breathing if you go running after you recover. This is all what happened to me a few months back. After like 2 or 3 days, COVID is like nothing and your completely normal again.

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    Photo op! AGAIN! His discharge is planned just in time for the National news!! lol

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    Can you just accept that people can get sick, and they can get better. But Trump is his name therefore you can careless.

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    Basically Nazi Pelosi ………. He’s back Be-Och.

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    That socialized healthcare Trump has makes a big difference, huh.

  10. Avatar

    Something is not adding up….he was sick with Corona and then he recovers quicker than any other person who had the virus

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    Ernestine Walker

    This doctor is succh a "liar" he can't even get the lies together, tripping on his on lying tongue! yuk

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    Sherry Rethwisch

    Folks, steroids can mess with the mind as well as the body…..

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    Yes thank you God, our president is more than a conquering , God is on your side no weapon fashioned against you will prosper!

  14. Avatar

    Binden is in the scam also, he’s not getting way either.

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    Democrats are going to lose bigly.

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    Not even covid can beat Trump what you thinks gonna happen to sleepy Joe and the liberals haha Trump 2020 YEEEEAAAAHHHH

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    Don't fear the reaper.

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    It’s unfortunate all the politicians don’t get COVID and die so we can start over.

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    This doc is an arrogant POS.

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    The Dr said at the first press conference that he was getting more care than the average patient. So watching the news and people saying Trump is showing us not to be so hysterical it's not so bad is scary. Idiots you will not get the same treatment. The meds or the care or even early hospital stay. U have to be careful and be smart.

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    Lmao look at all the angry idiots gone mad because the virus isnt as deadly as the mainstream media told them. Wake up and smell the coffee morons. The total death count for covid19 is hugely exaggerated by the corrupt drs. and medical institutions

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    Their probably ready for him to leave because I'm sure he is just as horrible a patient as he is at this presidency.

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    Not buying their story … Even if Trump would of paying hush money … Either to said & what NOT to said to keep it on the low cuz he still have other health issues that he's not willing to share… Smh pple going believe this dummy hummy. Wake up

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    Wow, 2:06, debunks some fake news.

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    “It is what it is.” – Donald Trump. “I don’t give a f_ck.” Melania Trump. Answers they gave when asked about Americans dying and suffering!

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    Are douchebags listed as a job requirement for this Administration?

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