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White House: 'Dissenting opinions' from intelligence community on Russian bounty reports

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany says there are dissenting opinions within the intelligence community on reports Russia offered a bounty for attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan. US President Donald Trump denied being briefed on the alleged bounty program from Russia, later adding intelligence officials told him the threat was not ‘credible’. He has since by contradicted by McEnany, who said there was no consensus among the intelligence community in a media briefing on Monday
White House briefs House Republicans on ‘Russian bounties’ intelligence

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    Plz don't delete the comments? What are you afraid of Guardian? Different opinions?

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    Kenny Michael Alanya

    Hey Guardian News

    Nobody wants the Luciferian Vaccine
    . We want just cheap treatments. Perhaps a 10$, over the counter drug.

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    Golden showers.

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    This story may well be a plant from inside the Trump administration to make Trump look bad. A lot of GOP members are realizing how damaging Trump really is to the country. Quite a few want him to lose the election.

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    Liar for hire..

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    Rebuked ⭐

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    They of course can be dismissed as unreliable and untrustworthy.
    Remember the big Iraq lie

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    I don't trust the cia either they should be sold out wherever possible

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    And inviting Vlad to join the G7, let’s not forgot how tough he’s been

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    If Trump wasn’t brief before, he certainly has been now but where is his concern for US and coalition troops serving in Afghanistan… I believe he was golfing instead over the weekend…

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    Mark_Porsche _911


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    Why would you need to pay the Taliban to attack coalition forces? Isn't that a part of their job description. And why are such forces illegally occupying Afghanistan?

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    Paris Hilton talking about Russia?

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    Ah it’s a video not about BLM or Joe Biden so the Guardian will allow us to have an opinion.

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