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White House deputy press secretary to Burnett: I don't know when the President last tested negative

White House deputy press secretary Brian Morgenstern tells CNN’s Erin Burnett he does not know when President Trump last tested positive for coronavirus.

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    You sir are a weak man

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    Gladys Manamohini

    Mask ,distance not done any good result so far. Pls think alternate step or for some other Precaution is now high priority

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    'We've been transparent……. with the information we want you to know." I hope all the shit he talked about Hillary falling comes back to bites him on the ass. Don't get me wrong, I want him to have a full recovery, but for what he has done to the American people, even how he has ja-baited his own followers into believing he is fighting for them when his tax plan screwed MILLIONS of his die hards. He could come out at say "Fuck all of you. I hope you all get corona and die. My followers, my haters…. all of you. Eat shit and suck a dick." and you'd still have MAGA hat wearing idiots screaming "I'd die for that man." I keep asking people and can't get a serious answer. What has Trump done to make your life better. I don't want an answer that was the House or Senate either. What has TRUMP done for you. I know the answer already, as I rarely ask questions I don't. Please. Enlightenment Trump Supporters. Prove to me that HE has helped you and not his own self interest. I'll wait.

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    elizabeth wardlow

    Does anyone in this administration have a backbone?? How embarrassing this will all be for all of them…once the "Clown in Chief" is out of office…

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    Dear Mr. President: You are absolutely a disgrace to this country for spreading constant lies and the Coronavirus everywhere you go with sociopathic indifference! I am a front line healthcare worker, and a proud former Republican and former conservative thanks to you and your ridiculous media machine presidency. And your ever present lies are taking lives on a daily basis. We are the ones in the thick of it who have to deal with the fallout of your constant deception, your always obvious lack of intelligence or empathy and massive failures of leadership every single day. And you have no clue what REAL LOSS is, so please spare us with your latest attempt to absolutely devastate and defecate all over this great nation! You should literally be hiding in shame for continually propagating blatant lies and encouraging disregard for this deadly disease, even after you got yourself infected and potentially thousands of others! So glad you look so healthy and perky though for yet another propaganda style photo op which only served to remind us all that you have absolutely NO REGARD for any other human being on this planet besides yourself and your rotten husk of a soul! You have the audacity to say that you “learned” so much from having Covid that you immediately turned around and potentially infected hundreds of others simply to stroke your own warped and entitled ego. And you have the NERVE or absolute stupidity to deny another Covid relief bill until you think you will win this election?!? Thousands are dying each and every day, millions of jobs lost, millions of people have lost their access to healthcare which will certainly lead to many deaths while you got all of yours for free I might add, and on the taxpayers dime, which of course does not include any taxes paid by you. HOW DARE YOU call yourself a hero and a leader while sitting on your gigantic ass while you whine and simper in a luxury suite and receive the finest Health care in the country, having access to medications and treatments that millions of Americans can never hope to access because they aren’t as special as you. So spare us your latest cruel and insane plan to let more Americans die a horrible death while you try to lie to yourself about being a fake leader! If you REALLY want to learn about the reality of Covid-19, you should put on a damn mask and visit our packed out Covid ICU’s or our overflowing and understaffed ER’s having to pile patients into hallways and once again having to pile the dead into refrigerated trucks, so that you can actually see what real devastation this disease causes on a daily basis. And while you’re there maybe you can ask how many people had to die alone holding a nurses hand instead of their family. Or you could ask how many healthcare workers have been infected or have died from Covid while trying to care for the sick. You can ask why in Hell we are still massively short on PPE and testing supplies for our staff and patients all across this country! Maybe you can ask why thousands of people in one state alone are never being tested for Covid despite being very symptomatic because you wanted to “slow the testing down please!” thus blocking States access to testing supplies so you could withhold the true toll of this virus from a nation that deserves the truth! And then after all of that, maybe someone will listen to you. Until then please for all of our sakes shut the Hell up!! And I can guarantee you that you have lost nearly every single frontline healthcare provider’s vote in this country, no matter their party affiliation, due to your historic and purposeful mishandling of this devastating virus and your spreading of willful ignorance and encouraging your insane followers to do the same, when you knew the actual truth all along, and were stupid enough to admit as much on tape. May all of your constant criminal stupidity prompt all Americans to go out and VOTE, (not for you, idiot who tries to rig an election) and help save lives from your continued negligence, and the refusal of truth, integrity, honor, empathy, and responsibility. P.S. you can ask Siri what those last few big words mean since we all know you don’t have a clue, it’s okay.

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    It’s long been attested if a nuclear holocaust happpened only things like rats and leeches could possible survive, so he will surely beat this

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    Diamond David Lee

    Wanna see the real Joe Biden? Watch his own words in his 88 run!

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    Goodwins all access Media service provider

    Its worse than all this we see and know- Trumputin state media with the Trumputian circle of deplorables are hiding the actual TRUTH- everything happening across our NATION, the real damage and disaster with the FACTS WE ALL NEED TO KNOW- HIDDEN- WE MIGHT FEAR AND PROTEST IN HUGE NUMBERS PROBABLY NEVER BEFORE SEEN- Why else would they ask CDC and every medical institution to directly REPORT to the White House and ignore the boards of independent oversight committees demanding accountability to hold truth to power- NO TRANSPARENCY ITS CRAZY UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND NORTH KOREA RUSSIANISH-🇰🇵- TELL ME WHEN HAS THIS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE ADMINISTRATION EVER BEEN HONEST AND TRANSPARENT? ITS A CRIME- I'm still on the fences critically thinking deeply about everything, from day 1 to now this whole thing seems oddly off, seriously it don't make sense so close to election day near to final days of voting with covid19 A NO 1 2020 ELECTION FEATURE HOLDING DON BACK both head to head colliding in tough battle- Suddenly ALL these Don circle of Republicans get covid19 and also All Seemingly Aalready Beating The Virus- including Kayleigh 😒 IT'S ALL NOW- COVID19 19 HAH WEAK ASS VIRUS IT'S NOTHING WE HAVE BEATEN IT- £ox propaganda now already busy promoting the (not fake) new Trumped up miraculous covid therapy and Vaccin€ ready possibly by end of Oct or near to beginning of Nov latest May just be sometime after the 2020 election- 🙃 All For A Buck Whsts Next? – THIS IS SO DANGEROUS TO DEMOCRACY SO TRAITOROUSLY DEPLORABLE WHEN YOU CAN'T TRUST YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT NEVER MIND THE MEDIA- I MEAN FOX PROPAGANDA ACTUAL FAKE NEWS MEDIA ALWAYS CALLING OUT THE MEDIA LIKE THEY'RE NOT MAINSTREAM MEDIA- I MEAN WE HAVE MILLIONAIRE ELITISTS LIKE THE DEPLORABLE TRUMPUTIAN CIRCLE TUCKER – HANNITY – LAURA AND THE REST OF THEM- ALL SPEAKING TO US LIKE THEY'RE WORKING CLASS AMERICANS LIVING LIKE THE REST OF US🇺🇸 WHEN IN TRUTH THEY'RE PART AND PARTIAL OF THE DON TRUMP WEALTHY ELITIST BILLIONAIRE CLUB OF THE 1% FEW AND SO I'LL STICK TO WHAT I KNOW AND WHAT I CAN CLEARLY SEE EVEN IF SOME SOURCES COME DIRECTLY FROM THESE ANIMALS STICK TO ACTUAL FACTS AND OBVIOUS TRUTHS- NOT THE TRUMPED PROPAGANDA CIRCULATIONS- SO FAR THIS IS WHAT I HAVE GUYS READ ATTENTIVELY SAVE OUR NATION VOTE OUT TRUMPUTIN– If you care about the health of the people around you – You would wear a mask 😷 its not about being strong or tough its about giving a damn about fellow Americans STUPID- Above the law selfish careless and greedy, their rules are the only rules, one set of rules for the few elites another set of rules for the rest of 🇺🇸 US- Thats the Trumputian GOP Republican Swamp to a Tee-

    Ducking diving hiding and lying nothing is plain simple easy and/or transparent with this lot not only has he been diagnosed with covid19 left hospital with the disease and returned to the White House, Trump is about to boost his mega 2020 election campaign rallies risking the lives of the many. – BS – Oh look Trumputin got well- WOW- its a MIRACLE, GOT EVERYONE QUITE about his WIFE ATTACKING CHRISTMAS and DON ASKING THE PROUD BOYS TO STAND BACK so TRUMP getting COVID19 worked out GOOD ACTUALLY QUITE WELL FOR MELANIA AND THE SICK DON TRUMP- THIS IS NOTHING NEW FROM TRUMP ITS A TRUMPUTIAN CAMPAIGN STRATEGY FOR FREE PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC SYMPATHY 😮 ENOUGH ALREADY- IF HE DOES HAVE IT- ITS HIS OWN DOING AND FAULT- I DON'T CARE – IT LITRALLY AFFECTS A NOBODY, SORRY TRUMPUTIN- You Will Have NO SYMPATHY From Me No 1- You SIMPLY ASKED For It  No2- You are RESPONSIBLE For the DEATH Of MANY Thousands Of FELLOW AMERICANS No3- YOU DO DESERVE It

    THE DON COULDN'T PROTECT HIMSELF OR HIS OWN CIRCLE- NEVER MIND PROTECT AMERICA- Lets be honest Trump is a fraudulant lying cheating crooked seemingly traitorous bigoted racist facist far right wing national white supremacist propagandist leading a criminal enterprise administration enabled by a totally corrupt Gop republican swamp promoted by a seemingly far right wing conservertive Fox propaganda fake news media. Still Ducking Diving Hiding And Lying About Almost Everything Including Releasing His Tax Returns- Every Action Taken By This Self Proclaimed Enemy Of The Left (Fellow Americans) Our Potentially Weak Pretencious Seemingly Strong Fake Leader Playing President Speaks To EVERYTHING WE REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TRUMPUTIN TO EXPOSE DON TRUMP TO EVERY DESPERATELY WANTING TRANSPARENCY DECENT GOOD PATRIOTIC HONEST HARDWORKING AMERICAN-. And so at this point supporting This Shit Show not only makes One a party over country seemingly traitorous bigoted racist facist religious fundamentalist PARTISAN TRUMPED Trumpminion but also A Russian HACK ASSET Crazy Enough To Stand In Opposition To His Very Own Democratic Republic Nation- Go figure shit heads- Under Trump America is challenging western democratic allies lifting up enemy autrocrat dictatorships while getting us🇺🇸 sick weak and POOR Once a great democratic republic nation now resorted to a SICKER WEAKER MUCH MORE POORER COUNTRY EVER TO BE SEEN AND/OR KNOWN IN THE WESTERN PENINSULA – OH HOW SO SAD 😥 FOR US🇺🇸ALL WANTING AMERICAN GREATNESS 😢

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    Unknowable is a total bull shit statement.
    In Australia, when one of the states (Victoria) had an almost out of control outbreak which threatened the entire country. Contact tracing was able to trace back all the cases and all the resulting deaths to a single family who was in hotel quarantine.

    And if you are only worried about the 48 hours tracing regarding contacting people. Then you are not learning from your mistakes by actually tracking back patient zero and how that person brought it into the WH.

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    No they haven’t been doing it more lying 🤥 honestly the fudging I don’t believe a single word, yes we all know who to blame 😔

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    I don't know how they can still shock me with their lies and/or stupidity. "It's hard to breathe on someone behind you".
    Did their people ever take a science lesson?
    Do they know how the wind or breezes work?
    Do they know about the gusts of air a helicopter can shunt out?
    Do they know just standing in still air, your breath emissions don't just come out the front and stay there?
    We're talking aerosol or droplets here, they travel. You don't have to be close enough to smell his Tic-Tac breath.

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    Any new positive amongst those incompetent racist bigoted bootlickers is a positive news!

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    The Virus is neither Republican or Democratic. But being stupid about it will get lots of folks killed. Who's the most stupid about it? The followers of Dear Leader Don Il Trump. Hard to argue with the results. White House is now Virus House.

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    Woah. So many lies from this man. Just wow. That was some serious disinformation about contact tracing. Almost every line is a lie. How manipulative

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    This administration is a full disaster. This transmission at the White House happened because they never apply the CDC recommendation. They are pathetic trying to defend themseves.

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    pathetic questioning from a mommy to their kid? no CNN give a spoon

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    Is this guy the new demon to take the old ones place?

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    Trump Virus a hoax that bit the president

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    Wow! This guy is a full-on LIAR. We can see just how prepared the WH is in reality. Reassuring indeed to know all these irresponsible clowns are running the country and they can't even look after themselves. They were clearly not prepared. Oh well, they must be stupid, knowing how deadly the virus is. He thinks we are idiots. Insulting.

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    Enough is enough.

    I do not forgive Trump killed over 210, 000 American People so far, and also i do not forget Trump did not pay Federal Taxes.

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    If he has a wife does she know he tells lies ALL time?

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    Trump was literally censored by Twitter for quoting the OFFICIAL CDC
    statistic showing Covid is less deadly than seasonal flu !!! – It's
    out of control now, I don't even like Trump, but it's blatantly clear
    there are very wealthy dangerous corporations, billionaires, and
    Governmental cabals that are lying to the world about Covid – This is
    about making $$$ from covid drugs and control of our societies — It's
    getting scary when these shady people are openly censoring the President
    of the United States Of America !!!

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    Ms. Burnett's expression says it all… vote Biden 2020.

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    Were going through the process here and yes, it is as bad as you see…..Brian, your next…..have you been in front of POTUS, lately, any concerns sir?

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    Hows Bill Barr and Chris Christie holding up?

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    This guy did well. Secondly, you can tell how much CNN wants to belittle and criticize Trump at every level. Not wearing the mask on the balcony and the photographer??? Its outdoors you idiot and six feet away. Much less likely there then if indoors. The lung scans? Its funny that you would ask such a stupid question. Just because you have covid doesn't mean it will change the lung parenchyma automatically. In severe cases which require a ventilation, yes. In that instance yes. As a physician, I suspect he received a chest radiograph and that's it. Had he experienced damaged lungs he would be quite ill and would not have been released. Consult a med expert for now on as your questions are pretty ridiculous.

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    “…they can still interact with him in a safe way”
    What about family that cannot visit their loved ones when they’re drying?

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    So they never tested Trump. Surely not daily testing.

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    Why do they test? I thought testing only created cases. "Slow down the testing"!

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    OMD Brian Morgestern affirming that BunkerBoy has double of his energy. I’m assuming that Covid 19 is planning its next target🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Can we get an anti trump vaccine.

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    Who cares? Certainly not CNN's muckraking.

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    If he's not wearing a mask unless someone is near him, he is shedding virus onto all the surface they may then touch. This man baby is such a fool, even my 7-8 year old students get it.

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    But you blame China right.

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