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White House denies it attempted to stop Dr Fauci from TV appearances

White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah says ‘we’re certainly not trying to stifle’ Dr. Anthony Fauci from ‘sharing important information with the public.’

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  1. Avatar

    Fauci has been wrong time after time after time . We just ignore him now

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    anthony fauci probably gonna advise the lockdown to continue for 10 more years

  4. Avatar

    I see why Newson says the same thing as Gov Coumo.

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    Americans are better looking than the English Fact

  7. Avatar

    This is nothing more than a political and economical scandal. Fauci is a crook no matter how much the media tries to make him look good. I hope they do get rid of him.

  8. Avatar

    How about arresting Fauci?

  9. Avatar

    I remember the Obama Biden vaccine for the swine flu that killed thousands but that was okay

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    If vaccines work , then why is the flu still here every year and why are vaccines the only medicine to be given to healthy people

  12. Avatar

    Cuomo be careful what you say God is hearing you

  13. Avatar

    Don't worry Mr PRESIDENT We are PRAYING VICTORY is coming for sure God is with you

  14. Avatar

    They should, the guy's a know-nothing hack. He should have been relegated to the dumpster of history after the absolute bungling of the HIV epidemic.

  15. Avatar

    Dr faucet is china made😂😁🤣😹just look how he looks like..like a faucet made from china…fake and easy to break! Pres Trump should fired this ugly corrupt guy

  16. Avatar

    Outrage it is to finger point at a worldwide respected specialist to hide your own incompetence.

  17. Avatar
    Zetetic Flat Earth

    Don't you get it people? It's like a flu, you get sick with it and then you'll be fine and this is what Trump has shown to the entire world! He didn't need the vaccine! Big Pharma wants to make money of this creation and you people better wake up.

  18. Avatar

    He is just too guilty to show his face

  19. Avatar

    There is only one truth! Fox News is Fake News and Trump is a liar!😱🤢🤮

  20. Avatar

    I'm sick and tired of Fauci and his "the sky is falling" rhetoric. He's trying to tell us how to live. The man is an ego maniac.

  21. Avatar

    #1. Dr Fauci said "there was no need to wear masks". 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    #2. He admitted that be lied. 👺👺👺👺
    #3. How many people died because he lied ?? 🤢💀🤢💀🤢💀

  22. Avatar

    Fauci just wants more tv time he has got the itch lol

  23. Avatar
    Stop Believing Start Thinking

    This is just plain stupid!

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