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Which Canadians would get the COVID-19 vaccine first?

When the first COVID-19 vaccines become available, there won’t be enough for everyone who wants it. So, which Canadians should get it first and how will that be decided? Dr. Peter Lin answers that and other questions from viewers.

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  1. Avatar
    Владимир Киселёв

    Viruses, microbes and bаcteria live cоnstantly in the human body. Including Koch's bacilli, influenza, pneumococci, in general, almost the entire set that exists in nature. In small doses that enter us through the respiratory tract and mucous membranes. If humanity is not yet extinct, what does this mean, our immunity is successfully fighting and fighting them.

    If you cоnstantly wear a mediсal mаsk after оne and a half to two hours, the concentration of all microorganisms on its surface and a humid and warm environment is constantly increasing. Masks are an incubator for their reproduction, the cоncentration of microorganisms becomes so high that you have no chance of staying healthy, regardless of whether how strong your immunity is, it simply does not persist. You inhale the сoncentrate of viruses and bacteria thаt has accumulated and multiplied on your mask. With each exhale, there are more and more of them.

    Here is no second wave of соronavirus in Belarus. In Sweden there is no second wave of coronavirus.

    In countries where there was no quarantine, the epidemic is over.

    A patient runs in to the infectious disease specialist.

    – Doctor, save me, I have a coronavirus!

    – No, no, this is not for me, psychiatrists treat coronavirus.

  2. Avatar

    I don't want to be a part of an experiment.

  3. Avatar
    Rougé Moonchild

    The dumb ones good luck

  4. Avatar

    What if the vaccine turn the people into zombies

  5. Avatar
    Terminal Insanity

    I dont know anyone who wants to be a guinea pig for some politically-charged needle cocktail.
    I trust science, but i dont trust people who have been consistently lying and gaslighting everyone for 5+ years.
    These "professionals" can't even decide if masks work or not, or how long the lockdown should last or what the lockdown should look like. Im not trusting them to inject anything into my veins.

    Especially not when they're censoring other professionals that disagree with them. No. Never.

  6. Avatar

    Hello dear everyone happy great weekend be careful

  7. Avatar

    Hopefully the young, the elderly and the working-class

  8. Avatar

    I find the comments below the video more trust worthy than actually licensed doctors. Thanks YouTube!

  9. Avatar

    Placebo? Don’t you mean the pneumococcal vaccine? They aren’t using a placebo.

  10. Avatar

    Canada's Number 1 News Network

  11. Avatar

    Vaccines are harmless. Anybody who knows what vaccines are and how they work at a basic level of science know that they are harmless. Anti-vaxers are truly uneducated and will risk the health of others because they can't form their own informed view. They use the opinion of others as mental shortcut to navigate their lives where these opinions of others are just as uninformed as their own. Incredible.

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    I got two words for you "Tuskegee Experiment".

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    No thanks. God made us with immune systems.if u take care of it…you stay well. Proof of that. And jf you dont take care of it…a vaccine will be useless anyway and only help you get worse

  16. Avatar

    ill wait for the sheep to get it first

  17. Avatar

    Imagine thinking they gave you the vaccine but it was just the placebo, ouch.

  18. Avatar

    imagine the side effect is dormant for 6months, people are screwed

  19. Avatar

    Fauci and the Gates should try it first.

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