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What's the legacy of Japan's Fukushima disaster? | Inside Story

It’s been nearly ten years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster and Japan is still struggling to manage its consequences.
One of the most serious challenges involves some 1.2 million tonnes of contaminated water that’s still being stored near the site.
This week, Japanese media reported the government is considering releasing that water into the Pacific Ocean, something that’s prompted complaints from Japanese fishermen and neighbouring governments.

So, what’s the Japanese government’s next move?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Jan Haverkamp – Greenpeace
Tomohiko Taniguchi – A former Special Adviser to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Michael Penn – Shingetsu News Agency

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  1. Avatar

    I can't believe they would even consider releasing that contaminated water into the ocean! Environmental destruction on a vast scale.

  2. Avatar

    Tritium is a radioactive species having a half-life of 12.32 years

  3. Avatar

    What if a tsunami occur next month?

  4. Avatar

    Easy way for Japanese to decide this matter is that ask those politician who says it's safe water now to drink them, if they willing to do it in public's eyes, then I would trust them.

  5. Avatar

    Any Arab,iranian here?

  6. Avatar

    They've been releasing it, quietly. Three hundred metric tons of contaminated water per day are still flushing out regardless. They will leverage government officials and the tanks will disappear more quickly when eyes are not watching.

  7. Avatar

    winXp crashed ? now this, pure insanity, killing your entire fish markets, like parasites, those using Nuclear tech, bat shyt crazies

  8. Avatar

    Edgar Casey said Japan would be gone!
    The next tsunami will take care of it!

  9. Avatar

    One also needs to consider that there will be much more contaminated water over the next 50 years. What will the precedent be, just to dump this new set of stored water.

  10. Avatar

    Put it deep under ground in Japan, plus get a glass of this so called treated water and make Tomohiko drink it 😳

  11. Avatar

    Sounds like total BS and and surly the world health organization can stop this disaster from happening 😩

  12. Avatar
    George W Bush Center for Intelligence

    The real story of fukasjima is not allowed to be on YouTube .

  13. Avatar

    I don't know what to say, did anyone asked the fish how it will feel during the atomic tests back in the day (bikini island and where not) Oh, Did anyone ask Japan how it will feel before throwing the atomic bombs over it? Urrrgh, nope…

  14. Avatar

    Do you know how many countries dump contaminated water secretly?

  15. Avatar

    I can’t handle this guy. “Treated water”!?

  16. Avatar

    if its so harmless why dont you keep it for japanese drinking water!

  17. Avatar

    its time fi we the people stand up to nuclear

  18. Avatar

    if can drink the water, why not put treated water in japan soil so that is not bothering other countries and this world issue out. if can drink..why not ????

  19. Avatar

    哎~ 日本 守小礼 缺大德 ! 善战术 缺战略 好学习 然只得中华文化之皮毛,自封西洋~脱亚入欧 逢人便说海洋文明 实则一岛国思维 ~ 嗯 也就这样吧 你看我都用中文留言 看透不说破 日后好相见

  20. Avatar

    He doesn't sound trustworthy.

  21. Avatar

    Now they want to dump the leftovers in our ocean. The legacy is they poisoned the world.

  22. Avatar

    Certainly i would rather drink that water myself. NO WAY!!!

  23. Avatar
    அவானி உயர்ந்தது

    It will effect the whole ocean not just the part around of Fukushima

  24. Avatar

    Isn't it the treated water that is released into the ocean, not the contaminated water? Since tritium is naturally occurring and is not harmful to health, treated water containing tritium is released into the ocean all over the world. Why is only Fukushima useless? Ocean release should be allowed if it is properly processed to meet the standards. If the ocean release is decided, the concentration should be measured in cooperation with the IAEA. You have to know that it is the release of treated water, not the release of contaminated water. You also have to know that treated water is released all over the world. After that, it is important for the Japanese government to scientifically show the materials.

  25. Avatar
    Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

    No one has died from Fukushima radiation. There are no cancer increases. No dead oceans due to radiation. No deadly radiation anywhere on earth outside of three containment buildings in Japan. That's the real legacy.

  26. Avatar

    Make the prime minister drink it

  27. Avatar

    Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins, He was buried and resurrected on the third day.
    Believe on Him to be saved.

  28. Avatar

    As expected radio silence about the beheading of the teacher in France that happened today.

  29. Avatar

    Prof Taniguchi didn't answer to the question if he was happy for his family to have the treated water for consumption. At the same time, we must consider the lengthy approach and negotiation are possible in the country such as Japan. What if it was China, Russia, and the USA? The outcome would be very different.

  30. Avatar

    At least some Fukushima fishermen are honest and sincere concerned with safety. Chinese counterparts will sell contaminated milk powder and fabricated meat for profit, killing their own countrymen and importers.

  31. Avatar

    'Swift and easy' caused the disaster! The back up systems were built too low and thus flooded first because it was…

  32. Avatar

    I suffered the Great East Japan Earthquake and it's tsunami and Fukushima radioactive issue many years ago. What I've learnt since then is that this Fukushima problem weighs extremely heavy on Japan's image and their culture of saving face plays into this a lot. Also the Japanese economy is suffering big time here. So much so that the Japanese government seriously downplayed the number of covid 19 cases here so that the 2020 Olympics would go through as planned. The Japanese government coerced the world Olympic committee to support the go ahead of the Olympics. But other foreign countries knew better and pulled out of the event. Subsequently the Olympics were postponed to next year 2021. The Japanese government really wants to recoup their Olympic expenses so they're pushing hard to hold them next year. Dumping contaminated water (the government says treated water!) into the ocean will help improve the country's image and ease financial pressure on the government. So these are the real reasons why they want to dump the contaminated water. But the vast majority of the Japanese public here distrust the government very much. So fish consumption will definitely decline and the Japanese economy will suffer more. Remember, fish is a big part of the economy here. Japan has the biggest fish market in the world. In summary….. even the Japanese public themselves don't trust the Japanese government and their lies!

  33. Avatar

    Japanese should try agnihotra yajna and agnihotra ash to neutralize the radioactivity.

  34. Avatar

    Dump it on Wuhan.

  35. Avatar
    Dwellers Of Paradise

    "Treated water" term never sold it.

  36. Avatar

    No please, stop deceiving with this "It's safe to drink".. Just send this all to Venus, thank you.

  37. Avatar

    Worry about Japan meat, vegetables, fish

  38. Avatar

    Drink it will cause no harm – hahahahahahaha ffs is he kidding. Absolute rubbish.

  39. Avatar

    Japan is peaceful countrys now Japan sleeping lion still Japan never get up still sleeping lion once Japan got up China finish crushing into pieces

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