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What's next for Kuwait after the death of its ruler? | Inside Story

The Emir of Kuwait, Skeikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, was one of the last of the Arab world’s old guard, the architect of Kuwait’s foreign policy for more than 50 years.

When he passed away on Tuesday at the age of 91, it left a void in the country, and the Gulf more broadly, that few other figures can fill.

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Bader Al Saif – Kuwait University and the Carnegie Middle East Center.

Abdullah Baabood – Visiting Professor at Waseda University, Tokyo.

Dania Thafer – Directo, Gulf International Forum.

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    Get rid of this ruler discover freedom

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    I'm sorry, but GOD promised "Israel" to the jewish people (In the Bible & Torah) and "Al-Aqsa Mosque" (Islam) is a place in heaven and not in Jerusalem! Jerusalem don't mentioned even once in the book of Islam (The Quran) Jerusalem belongs to the jews and the "third temple" should be build in the "temple mount" in Jerusalem, Israel…..

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    KSA and UAE will try to get the new Emir to become their puppet like the ruler of Bahrain already is. This guy did not want Gulf to escalate with Qatar, Turkey and Iran. Respect him for that. Rest in Jannah.

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    May his soul rest in peace. Wish a beautiful and prosper future ahead.

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    We look back on the life and legacy of shalbalahlahalahalahasotobahh

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    Fake nations TOO & traitors too.

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    Fake nations TOO. & all belong to Iraq nations again TOO. RIP SADDAM'S HUSSEIN REGIME AGAIN!

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    Fake nations & traitors too. & all belong to Iraqis nations again TOO.

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    Another puppet & fake Arab ruler etc Marches on or whatever its called.

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    RIP SADDAM'S HUSSEIN REGIME'S thanks heroes & martyrs again.

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    Fake DEATH or actor etc Marches on. Or puppet Marches on. Or nothing new as usual.

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    Kuwait Hand over Land to Iraqi Government, English Can't Mosque imam

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    A different dictator, along with Saudi Arabia will continue to support terrorism

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    He still gave a lot of money to the Assad family for supposedly humanitarian reasons. He also backed the war in Yemen. I understand Qatari, Turkish and Iranian people liking him but after death we all have to answer to Allah. He was a man of faith, Assad clearly is not.

  15. Avatar

    I also can't forget how he promised money from Kuwait to Hezbollah dominated Lebanon. No wonder Iran liked the guy so much.

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    Such a great leader and human being may rest his soul in janna

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    I hope they go into civil war.

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    Qatar and Kuwait be progressive like there the reporters. They should ditch the monarchy and have a gay arab woman as the leader of the gulf states with democracy. Democrats in America can teach your arab kids to choose there gender. Be the LGBQ gulf states of the gender fluid gulf.

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    sign a peace deal with israel and join the wagon.

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