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What's Abnormal About Barrett's Confirmation Process? Pete Williams Explains | NBC News

A Republican president and Republican-led senate are major factors into the “compressed timeframe” of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process, according to NBC News’ Justice Correspondent Pete Williams.
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What’s Abnormal About Barrett’s Confirmation Process? Pete Williams Explains | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  2. Avatar

    If she votes to repeal Obamacare she will be one of the most hated people in the country… Instantly! I hope she realizes what that could mean… There are millions of Republicans and Dems who will lose coverage… She will be in a firestorm and rightly so. I pray she does the right thing NOT the Trump thing.

  3. Avatar

    Don't have a clue who this chick is. Republicans surely in a hurry to fill Ruth seat with this chick. Politicians got their priorities mixed up. Trump so focus on getting reelected. This is the Worst America has been. Lives Lost Jobs Lost businesses closed kids being taught at home families struggling Eviction. Pandemic Virus continuing to spread. Trump is Lowdown!! Baiting all those fools to attend his rallies for another Super Spreader

  4. Avatar

    Go for it and enjoy your "victory" but know that this is the last hurrah of the GOP. We will be stuck with this for a little while but it will be a generations before the GOP have a chance to nominate a supreme court justice again.

  5. Avatar

    Just what you need America, more religious stupidity in your failing system!!
    Who you gonna elect as president? I bet it'll be be some old, white, lying, gibbering, corporate halfwit. Whata' country!!

  6. Avatar

    Let us VOTE in GREAT NUMBERS for BIDEN/HARRIS so there is NO QUESTION as
    to who is the clear WINNER! We have a chance to save our DEMOCRACY!
    Let's DO IT!

  7. Avatar

    Interesting that if she helps repeal ACA Trump supporters will suffer more than non supporters. Those Trump supporters are an interesting bunch lol. They remind me a an abused wife, when the cops come & she can leave safely, she stays. I think it's some kind of kink?

  8. Avatar

    There's a bimbo "has been" on the supreme court appointed by a tv celebrity married to a fake un-American wife. How stupid is everyone. It's all abnormal.

  9. Avatar

    The entire nomination affair is objectionable, BUT what I find weird and troubling about this lady is parading those seven children in public as some validation of her high moral standing, it 's just weird. Normal parents want desperately to shield their children from public view and scrutiny. I get the feeling -cant say for certain – that this women has put these adopted kids out there to bolster her image. Strange. Seven children. We know for sure that handsome black child isn't her birth child. I'm wondering just how many are afopted.

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Trumps days in the White House are numbered….Can't wait to see him locked up!! He is a true Criminal!!!

  12. Avatar

    It's very hypocritical since they dragged their feet so badly the last time. If you're right you don't need to take the low road.

  13. Avatar

    Dump Trumps 2020 What can be said ?Vote Early Vote Honestly 420,000DeadMerryChristmasAmerica

  14. Avatar

    Abnormal for GOP to be hypocritical and perfidious. Unconscionable, yes. UnAmerican, yes. Abnormal for them, no. As for the candidate: to dissemble for one's belief has been considered a high calling by nearly all religions.

  15. Avatar

    GOP really comings across as choosing rich insurance companies over the healthcare needs of the American People

  16. Avatar

    Impeach Barrett!

  17. Avatar

    What abnormal?

    It's 100% unnecessary.
    She has already been vetted for the 7th dist court, this is a waste of time.

    Mainly came her for the stupid comments from the left, was not disappointed.

  18. Avatar

    Biden brought Lester Holt with him😀 ( Trump)

  19. Avatar

    What folks must watch out for is the game plan! Bankrupt Trump/ Voted out GOP Senators/ Drug Companies Dollars to cushion the hard fall! Hence Rush to topidoe the ACA through Supreme Court quickly! Why would any Political party be interested in throwing out something saving many lives as quickly as possible in the middle of elections! Huh!

  20. Avatar

    Barrett is a right wing Catholic that follows white evangelical ideology.HISTORY shows that LIBERAL really means liberated from white supremacist Christianity Ideology

  21. Avatar

    The comments in this post are just a regurgitation of MSM and global elite propagandic lies and deliberate word manipulations. In simple terms, TDS has is real.

  22. Avatar
    abdulmohsen albassam

    Everything is abnormal

  23. Avatar

    What about trump's pick! She had her kids sitting right next to infected trumps and STAFF! No protection no mask! If she runs her family like that! DON'T WANT HER MAKING DECISIONS FOR MINE!

  24. Avatar

    We don't need a religious fanatic cult member in the supreme court.

  25. Avatar

    These old dem senators 30 plus years need to retire with no benifts

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar
    Unicorn _Princess

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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