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What will decide the election? | The 2020 Fix

The Fix breaks down the dynamics that will shape the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and who is favored headed into Election Day. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Alert and concerned

    I confess to not reading the article. It would make me too mad knowing that WAPO would know exactly what scams and dirty tricks their protege Biden will be using but, of course, will not be revealing them! In years to come WAPO will learn to appreciate that what the public wants is…..truth and honesty. Which they have been unable to provide for decades.

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    So y vote huh ? if it's up to electoral college at d end of d day. Just playing with ppl lives

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    What has Biden done in 47 year? He’s had a tolerable of 47 yrs! 8 as VP with Obama he could have helped the people. What did he do? He’s been in his office all this time!! What has he done! You young people have a LOT TO LEARN!!!!!

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    Are y'all stupid quit drinking the koolaid smdh

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    YES YES YES Biden WILL SHUT THE COUNTRY DOWN! How are you going to pay your bills? He is going total SOCIALISM!! YOU HAVE A Lot TO LEARN

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    Trump interfering with the postal service, stacking the courts and foreign influence is the only way trump can win this election, with all he's done to bring down this country, it's allies, and those who aren't billionaires.,
    and the stock market and billionaires supersede life and
    equal justice for all

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    Still have time to vote, Ignore polls, VOTE RED

  8. Avatar

    Let’s see how well this report ages..

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    Everytime there's a video like this out and it's clearly biased for Biden, it gets down voted into oblivion. But the polls are saying that Biden is 11 points ahead. Something is not right here…

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    The WaPo believes its base believed the popular vote won. Be glad its never going to be popular vote. Popular vote gets you san fran, Baltimore, Chicago, nyc . Trump only lost pop vote by 3mill+ . That means a TON of democrats had to have voted for him.. look up LA and NYC demo to rep pop ratio.

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    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Avatar

    I am so tired of this bullshit. They are really defending Big Guy. The corrupt commie trading, racist, Big Guy. Wow.

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    What will decide the election? – God will. – Only you cannot accept that. Where's that leave you, us?

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    You're more helpful than you realize, want to be youtube friends?

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    You discredit yourself

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    This is just part of Joe and Barrys Voter Fraud campaign.

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    Rambo The Ragdoll

    If all the media did their job and report on the Biden family corruption and criminal activity this will not even be a debate!

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    Poll numbers…you guys are complete morons…..polls are broken….I wouldn't answer a poll truthfully…cant afford to be erased.

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    Remember my fellow Democrats your vote is private and nobody will ever know you voted for Trump

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    that's a lie the economy would have been twice as good as it is now without trump.

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