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What Prosecutors Are Looking For In Trump’s Tax Records | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Tom Winter explains what a Manhattan district attorney is looking for in President Trump’s tax records and discusses the potential criminal implications prosecutors are keeping an eye on.
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What Prosecutors Are Looking For In Trump’s Tax Records | NBC News NOW

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    Ok Mr .know everything let’s hear it son

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    For Trump to really lose his base his Tax records need to be printed on every newspaper in the US then the American people will truly know if The president is really a fraud or legit! And should there be a transition of power there will not be an uprising in civil unrest. This is my full opinion because if there is transition i 100% with fact see a civil war breaking out in the USA over Donald Trump. If he is legit then as Biden said he'll agree to it as a dignified person he is but if Trump is the crook we're all thinking he put to be the every Democratic senator/governor/even humble democratic americans that put signs up on their lawns will be crucified. Get this done before the election even though it's close to the election Democratic should have started this process will in advance.

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    What a joke. Any Government should be called NEVER-MENT as in….once In office of any kind they are never meant to follow or adhere to the same laws ethics or rules that the rest of us are forced to. Nice gig you all got.

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    Joe Biden has not change why is this not news???

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    none go this much trouble unless their hiding something the question is will they find it ?. just like the Russian probe , that he went to extremes to hide, the fact they didn't find enough evidence for criminal charges, doesn't mean he didn;t do, it only they didn't catch him. and Mueller should have been allowed to look at his financing. im willing to bet he did it again in this election, they cant keep up with his crimes

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    when he says to follow the money, I know in the beginning he's saying it so the law will not look at his finances. He thinks he's above the law. Criminals. Lock him up.

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    They're looking for anything that will stick and time is running out 😂

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    Interesting Video about Pros and Cons for Red and Blue States

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    ' Winter…discusses the POTENTIAL criminal implications prosecutors are keeping an eye on.'
    In other words, it's a fishing expedition, just like the bogus Mueller 'investigation'.

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    How could anybody vote for Biden and Harris? They both come off as bad
    people and their policies will ruin our counrty for us and our children.

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    Being looked at? Is there any reason to suspect criminal behavior in these areas?

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    .Trump politically cannot deny and denounce the falsehood of the "pandemic", but he is giving it an intelligent treatment … whoever has understanding that understands … that is what an honest president does who has not sold himself to the CO-V-I-D-19 cartel … r-evolucion-revelacion.es/vacunas-y-diplomacia-politica/

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    goldminor sanchez

    In other words the witch hunt continues apace. As the Trump haters search for a crime.

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    Save America , vote Biden/Harris

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    Four years of deception and lies!

  22. Avatar

    "I deny reality very strongly"

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    Trump is and was a criminal!
    If he loses the election, he should be charged and brough into a prison!🤑🤮😠😡

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    The money. Progressives been screaming it since 2016

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    Melania does his hair btw and has for over a decade. He got a 70k deduction for that

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    Another attempted coup on the President by anti-trump district attorneys. It never ends. Trump is a threat to the globalist establishment who have been criminally destroying our country for decades. Nothing they can accuse him of, compares to the treason, seditious acts by Obama, Biden, Hillary, NY district attorneys, democrats, rhinos.

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    This guy singlehandedly screwed over America?

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    Report on Hillary, the Obama administration, Comey, on the Russian hoax they orchestrated against Trump in 2016. Report the arrests that should be made. Do your job mainstream. America has been duped!

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    Christopher Colon


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    Follow the money and Russian Oligarchs thru Deutsche Bank. You will be amazed

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    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard anyone making that much is getting audited every year and they would have brought their up 4 years ago when he was 1st running the world I’d brain washed think about it

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    If Trump loses, he's screwed. An election loss is the least of his problems.

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