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What Other Cities Could Offer to Businesses Leaving Hong Kong | WSJ

Hong Kong’s new national-security law is changing how one tech CEO sees the future of his company in Asia’s global hub. Several countries in the region are making moves to lure businesses away from the city. WSJ explores what these places can offer. Illustration: Sharon Shi/WSJ

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  1. Avatar

    How about Bangalore, mumbai or Delhi ?

  2. Avatar

    India could have been one alternative, if not for our incompetent stupid PM who is busy playing with peacocks.

  3. Avatar

    2:27 Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is a domestic-focused airport, just like Toronto City Airport. Shanghai's main international airport is called Shanghai Pudong International airport, which has *210 destinations*, the highest in Asia. WSJ intentionally ignored that fact.

  4. Avatar

    Hong Kong is China since ancient times.

  5. Avatar

    Taipei (Taiwan) or Busan (Korea), or more expensive Kobe-Kioto or Kitakyūshū-Fukuoka (Japan) (Singapore is in middle ASEAN, a littel far away from the electronic hub of China-Taiwan-Korea-Japan (partly Singapore)

  6. Avatar

    Pro-democracy? pro-treason actually.

  7. Avatar

    U can consider India as another option. Because India has a huge developing market. And also big tech companies like Microsoft, GOOGLE, Amazon, Adobe, IBM are working in India.
    U can consider cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc here cheap and skilled developers are available

  8. Avatar

    how about a video on , how other businesses who leave would affect businesses who do stay?

  9. Avatar

    It's simple, if you don't follow the rules in China, then get out

  10. Avatar

    Wouldn't pick Singapore. there is a lot of mainland Chinese influence there.

  11. Avatar

    Far easier doing Business with China from Hong Kong. For that reason alone Hong Kong will prosper.
    This is mainly USA wishful thinking.

  12. Avatar

    Companies are not leaving because of the national security law, but because of the mess and ongoing instability caused by the HK rioters. The reason of HK's prosperity in the past is because of its unique role and location between the West and Mainland China. I guess some companies may move to Singapore and some others may move to inland China like Shanghai or Shenzhen if China opens up more.

  13. Avatar

    You don’t hear major casinos leaving Macau, both SARs so HK Pompet plots lame excuse threat to no body, hates gonna hate.

  14. Avatar

    never do business with any communist country … period…

  15. Avatar

    Why not Indian cities like Mumbai, Banglore :/

  16. Avatar

    Vanguard, the world's second-largest asset manager, will cease its operations in Hong Kong and relocate its Asian headquarters to SHANGHAI.

  17. Avatar

    A very bias report. How does the new security law hinders HK businesses when rival cities like Spore, Taiwan and Sydney have tougher security laws?

  18. Avatar

    Did he say definitely considering or might as well just do it?

  19. Avatar

    I think for media companies, South Korea might be a good option. They rank the highest in Asia for press freedom index (source: https://rsf.org/en/ranking_table). Many Koreans also learn English so whilst their general level of English may not be superb like Singapore, it's definitely not an unfamiliar language. NY Times recently relocated a part of its HK office to Seoul so it's definitely feasible.

  20. Avatar

    Why HK is HK today is largely because it was the front office and hub for any western company to access Chinese market. HK sits on the capital flow in and out of the mainland. You can move to Singapore or Tokyo all right, what about the market.

  21. Avatar

    I think Manila has huge growth prospects.

  22. Avatar

    0:09 is a Python developer using VS Code to write some REST app (in case anyone was wondering)

  23. Avatar

    Topic: What Other Cities Could Offer to Businesses Leaving Hong Kong
    Content: Hong Kong's new national-security law.

  24. Avatar

    You want to leave, that is fine by me.

  25. Avatar

    Tokyo has the largest stock market in Asia, already a economical hub along with NY and london, excellent infrastructure, stable currency and banking system, city with the highest no. Of HQ among the fortune 500 companies. Language isn't an issue as translators are gaining a lot of popularity and solving that problem, free press, uncensored internet,and even foreign investment is gaining traction. I'd chose Tokyo.

  26. Avatar

    taipei seems like a good option giivng how highly they rank on everything

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