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What is the state of Black people in today’s America? | We Need To Talk

What do recent events tell us about the state of Black people in the US today?
In the first episode of our new digital show #WeNeedToTalk, Malika Bilal talks to Jecorey Arthur, the youngest councilperson-elect for Louisville, Kentucky to discuss the upcoming US election and the Black agenda.

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  1. Avatar

    We should vote he is right we need to make a change a step to change is better than doo nothing at all

  2. Avatar

    Trump condemned white supremacy in 2000.. stated that he partly left the Reform Party because of David Duke. The clip with Matt Lauer is online.

    Every year of Trump's presidency…he has denounced white supremacy…it is documented.

  3. Avatar

    Obama was NOT the FIRST Black president.

  4. Avatar

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  5. Avatar
    Serge Beauchesne

    if you want social justice in american you first have to respect social rules. that's how we get respect and build safe community not geto.

  6. Avatar

    i am saddened by al jazeera allowing you to inaccurately report on this matter. you have presented this by your heart and not facts. may Allah reward you for your intentions good or bad.

  7. Avatar

    Even migrants are treated equally in America and so are black,these people who mock at america for black lived matter are just spitting out hate or want to revenge from the white for the crime maybe their ancestors have committed.

  8. Avatar
    Gerald Johnson Ras Jahson

    You're speaking but you're not giving an solutions so writing in reparations isn't going to win as well. What are your solutions? Don't talk about Dr. King if you aren't going to give solutions. The problem is kids of today do not know their history. There are strength in numbers. Malcolm X also said by any means necessary. I hear you but I don't hear you. Also young people don't know how government works and they won't ask elders how to vote and why you vote in every election. A President can't do anything without a supporting cast. You ask me what do I mean by a supporting cast? A supporting cast is controlling all three branches of government I.e. President, House of representatives and the Senate. That is your supporting cast. This is the reason Obama wasn't able to fully follow through on his agenda. Young people aren't listening.

  9. Avatar

    I refuse too vote for democrats are republicans they both garbage.

  10. Avatar

    Don't worry bro united states is crumbling.

  11. Avatar

    What about a one way ticket to Africa??? No! Then assimilate into today’s America.

  12. Avatar

    All well and good to deface your ballot, sitting in a chic apartment. Some people out there, black and white, need welfare, healthcare and education reform urgently. I think it's unconscionable not to at least try to move the needle. Worthy discussion, nontheless.

  13. Avatar

    … Any election here is a lowest common denominator event. Our best people are not willing to slum in the legislature or the presidency.

  14. Avatar

    You kids need a dose of Coleman Hughes.

  15. Avatar

    Having someone who acknowledges the systemic racism in America is better than one that embraces white supremacy.

  16. Avatar

    Obama disappointed we Africa, we lost gadafi

  17. Avatar

    So you want actual reparations… many many of those who are running around screaming simply want money

  18. Avatar

    Side note, Osama Obomber did 126000 drone strikes in one year on Libya then left cause the vacuum now there's open slavery and you can buy a tray for $700. Where y'all at.

  19. Avatar

    Anyone thinks that Trump is just trying to get away from debates using the virus as an excuse?..🤨🤔

  20. Avatar

    How myopic this is. There is two sides of the same coin.
    From time to time a new coin is produced. Why not assume for the last time a new day will dawn with Biden and Harris in the white house.
    In this instance brother there are two thieves on both sides of the cross we have been continuously nailed. In this case Biden is the thief on the right hand of our cross. Like Christ has forgiven him for repentance, please vote for him, to at least get us some grass to manufacture the bricks, for our tormentors. If you dont vote for a candidate who is amenable to reason, who will listen to you? donald trump? That's why you got to participate. Don't make yourself a statistic.
    Don't give the 35 percent, overtly opened racist another 4 years of celebration.

  21. Avatar

    If they don't like to be in the US they are very welcome to go back to Wakanda and enjoy life there.

  22. Avatar

    China and Democrats want to kill Trump because he defends his country. If Joe Xi Cheng Biden wins then China wins.

  23. Avatar

    Now this is bs, president trump has on several occasions condemned racism,white supremacists,the KKK and anything that will in any way cause division in the country. Your very first statement prove you are not listening, You hear what you want to prove your point. Don't treat black Americans like fools, each and every one of them knows it in their hearts that what am saying is true. Why, because they can look it up and say am lying. Am black not stupid!

  24. Avatar

    Leadership within Black & Brown should think strategically.
    First you vote for Biden and then actively demand through protest and civil disobedience of the government that you have put in power.

  25. Avatar
    Bruce-Ruhl Design

    To the producers of this show. The issues of blacks in America are enflamed and used to cover up the genocide still going on eliminating the indigenous population. Over 15 million Native Americans have been murdered, their lands and resources stolen, and outright murder….and nothing gets reported. If your going to talk about the race issue in America, you have to include the Native perspective. Otherwise it is a hypocritical, rascist, coversation by forieners on stolen lands.

  26. Avatar

    He said "SURE!" You are lying

  27. Avatar

    Yea like writing in reparations will get you what you want. This is ridiculous and to say both Democrats and Republicans are the same is ludicrous. It’s just a bunch of misinformation that contributes to low voter turn out and only makes things worst in America.
    Oh well both are the same, I just won’t vote or write in some nonsense on a ballot that will end up in the trash.

  28. Avatar

    How is the situation for expats in Qatar. Do they still slave under kafala system or has things improved. Also, how is democracy doing in Qatar. Can all people vote?

  29. Avatar
    SixPack Shakur 2: The Revenge

    Whiny BS. Sick of it.

  30. Avatar

    I wish he could Vote Trump .

  31. Avatar

    why yu do not show my comm.

  32. Avatar
    Kevin Wellwrought

    Black people in US today have even more rights than the White people.

  33. Avatar

    Reparations? It's a safe bet that anyone would like to receive a fat check. There are, however, very serious problems with the idea of making current;y-living people responsible for the crimes of historical people. Where does it end? Everyone has ancestors that were mistreated at some point in the past. If you're not happy with your life, don't blame me. I've never owned a slave. I'm not the reason for your failure. I owe you exactly nothing.

  34. Avatar

    If you do not vote for Biden, you are helping Trump. Not the right choice if you want things to change. My opinion.

  35. Avatar

    Joe Biden killed MLK

  36. Avatar

    Many people ignore racism becaue they benefit from it.

  37. Avatar

    Joe is a bigger racist don't forget that

  38. Avatar

    The United States, at its core is a WASP nation dominated by wealthy White governance and remains that way because that is the way people who garner the majority of opportunities want it to remain. For all the sweetness, optimism and kumbaya moments of the 60-s and 70-s we Americans are stuck in the Jim Crow era and refuse to move forward. Why you ask? Simple Economics. There is a steady degrading of entry-level and lower Middle Class job and fewer yet that pay a living wage. Access to opportunities for something more are closely held by the monied and well-connected. If you think things are going to change reflect on President Obama. I don't mean his administration as much as what they did to what he accomplished even after he left office. Shame.

  39. Avatar

    Connect THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF1964…

  40. Avatar

    Love to see people that aren't black in the comments telling an entire race how to feel. Very awesome and not retarded at all.

  41. Avatar

    Ahm… A pandemic of blk single mothers.

  42. Avatar

    American Blacks are grossly a overprivileged and coddled minority. The Whites have far to much patience with them.

  43. Avatar

    Congrats Malika Bilal on having this program

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