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What is the impact of COVID-19 on Trump’s campaign? | We Need To Talk

What does the COVID-19 outbreak in Trump’s administration mean for the election?
“The fact that [we’re facing COVID-19], the biggest crisis in the world, and the president himself cannot seem to handle it doesn’t inspire much confidence that he should be the president of the US anymore.”
Says Waleed Shahid, spokesperson for Justice Democrats, about the upcoming US election, the gap between Democratic progressives and moderates, and the future of American democracy.

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    … Is the disease of trump on the brain worse than the disease of covid-19?

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    Biden is corrupted by CCP China when he was vice president. Does America want to become a Chinese colony? No? Then don't vote for the Democrats.

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    How did trump get over covid 19 so quickly?

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    Patty and Buster Show

    I imagine a trank dart would help move trump

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    I love democracy (as how the “Americans” presents it). If I want you to eat sh!+;
    I first endow upon myself the power to tell you what your choices are;
    Then, I present you with a bite sized piece of sh!+
    And, other way bigger portions to choose from. Lol
    Now I say, choose your meal… carefully and freely, it’s your right!

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    This is bad. Decorum applies to vocabulary this Is worth unsubscribing to aljazeera

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    Joe Biden is a leftist meat puppet.

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    Irony 1- Islamic sharia based country mouthpiece talking about democracies..
    Irony 2- no one is blaming China for spreading its CCP virus..even POTUS got infected still people calling trump super spreader

    One and only one party can be held for spreading this virus ie CCP..period

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    Can't think that way Donald Trump is not winning at stealing this election all he's doing is fear mongering there are laws in place here that stop him and they are being used you need to get out and vote if you don't want to go out fill out your mail in ballot and see what happens there's nothing wrong with that it's better than not participating at all

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    Unicorn _Princess

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

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    I’m not sure the coronavirus is going to have that much effect on the election. Donald Trump not giving stimulus checks will probably stunt Christmas 🎄 sales though. Amazon is already starting it’s early Black Friday prime sales for Christmas. They skated right thru the Coronavirus because Jeff Bezos was given big tax breaks and is sitting on 200 billion dollars 💵 now.
    We now how 2 amazons side by side ready for Christmas 🎄 sales. But no stimulus checks to buy presents 🎁.

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    Covid is a farce. Only a psychopath is still afraid of the virus.

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    You are drastically under reporting the number of people thst have been confirmed to have caught CoViD19 from POTUS at the acceptance party for his Supreme Court Justice. The count IS at least 32.

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    We will wait November third

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    No impact whatsoever. President Trump beat Covid-19 and has returned to the campaign trail, much to the chagrin of the Dems and the liberal media.

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