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What is Section 230, the law at the center of Trump's executive order aimed at social media?

President Trump on May 28 signed an executive order seeking to change Section 230, a federal law that protects tech companies from being sued or held liable for most posts, photos and videos shared by users on their sites. Read more: SPECIAL OFFER: To thank you for your support, here’s a deal on a Washington Post digital subscription: $29 for one year

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  1. Avatar

    #45 is a moron.

  2. Avatar
    Sebastian Minney

    Hate doesn't exist !! So called "hate speech" is free speech

  3. Avatar

    At least Trump is doing a great thing….now Twitter will be forced to remove 90% of his tweets because they will be responsible for the contain. And they do not want all those lawyers attacking them because of the content of Trump tweets.
    The right proverb in this case is: Digging his own grave."

  4. Avatar

    Thank you President Trump!!! Free speech should be for EVERY CITIZEN!! Not just who the specific platform agrees with! Doesn't matter what side of the isle the platform is on. I lean to the right, but would do whatever I could to protect a left leaning fellow citizens right to free speech. The "fact checkers" who checked Trumps tweet about mail in ballot voter fraud were WRONG.

  5. Avatar

    This is Trump holding up a shiny object to distract from more important things. Like 100,000 + dead citizens in 3 months.

  6. Avatar

    LOL a country always talks about free speech. He doesn’t want you to have free speech when you disagree with him.

  7. Avatar

    Gets elected: “I’m going to deregulate everything.”
    Gets insulted: “I’m going to regulate everything.”

  8. Avatar
    unknown unknown

    Sounds like president plump and Twitter are getting a nasty divorce…

  9. Avatar

    This was so smart of twitter, that they didn't do this before for his other false narratives and conspiracy theories. That they waited for something like Mail in Ballots. We need those to protect our democracy, especially during a pandemic. Trump and the Republicans don't want to find out what happens when more people vote. Because it is a lot easier to fill out a form and put it in the mail than it is to stand out in the cold for hours in November.

  10. Avatar

    The Republican party isn't going to let this go anywhere. They benefit from these tech companies immunity just as much as the democrats. Conservative media gains more follower by complaining about these companies then if the got their supposed way.

  11. Avatar
    Monkey Business

    Isn't it the reverse of what Trump wanted? His executive order will force twitter and others to aggressively moderate their platform since they are now liable.

  12. Avatar

    Trump is not a republican let alone a conservative. He’s a buffoon, imbecile and a moron.

  13. Avatar
    April Jones-Foston

    The donald doesn't realize the great PRIVILEGE afforded him.

  14. Avatar
    Christian Xander James

    The irony

  15. Avatar

    Not connected, but right when he said liability shield an ad for car shield popped up!

  16. Avatar
    Mr. & Mrs Smith

    Adding their own commentary- ESPECIALLY a simple fact-check, to your blatantly abusive LIES, is NOT CENSORSHIP. Your voice is still out there (DESPITE VIOLATING THE TERMS OF SERVICE MORE TIMES THAN CAN BE COUNTED), its just now ALSO out there with RELEVANT FACTS. These PRIVATE COMPANIES can set rules for their platforms, and if you violate them and get kicked off that’s NOT CENSORSHIP when everyone is held to the same rules.

    What an fing EMBARRASSMENT. Its like having an insecure, spoiled BRAT for a president.

    His posts are out there for anyone to read, along with the ACTUAL FACTS if they can cope with REALITY.


  17. Avatar

    freedom = costly justice and health… but free lies, free calumnies, free enforcing of alternative realities, …

  18. Avatar

    stupid trump is preparing the battle against the second wave of covid-19… that is… an executive order about his beloved twitter… ! 🙁

  19. Avatar

    The biggest blatant abuse of power that I've ever seen. Tiwwer should just shut his account down for spreading lies that can hurt people! That has to be against Twitters rules. Wtf?!

  20. Avatar

    Trump…when you lose in November…SDNY…will be standing at the gate…Rikers has a gate open…and…Big Bubba…is waiting !!!

  21. Avatar

    bravo trump!!!

  22. Avatar
    Andew Tarjanyi

    There was never any such thing as hate-speach, just well-reasoned or poorly-reasoned speech. A society well functioning society ought to be exposed to both and a society which fails to adapt to the former deserves all it gets as a result.

  23. Avatar

    this entire youtube channel is a joke it’s ran by wannabe hipster 30 year olds that try to be up to date with society

  24. Avatar

    Hahaha won’t work !, the man needs a enemy ! If he losses he is going to blame Twitter .

  25. Avatar

    The biggest landslide in America history come November against mr trump,Mark my words, anyone got a pen

  26. Avatar

    Hi, I am a high school student in Korea. first, if u watch korea school news, 80% lie ,I am a Korean citizen. I will tell you what is written in the Constitution of the Republic of Korea. The sovereignty of the state lies with the people, and all the power comes from the people. I argue that Korea will soon enter the history of a pretentious country. There is a petition in our country. If more than 200,000 people agree to the petition, the president should answer. The Korean people and students filed a petition to postpone the start of school, with more than 200,000 people. But the government ignored it. I just wanted to get compliments from the foreign media, so I pushed ahead with the start of school. They also glorified the media and ignored students' human rights. The government and the Education Ministry pushed ahead with the start of school amid this danger. Korea is crazy about education. Basically, it costs at least 30000$ millionper student. Is this country? No matter how many students and people speak, the government ignored it. The government wants nothing but praise from foreign countries. I think foreign media should report to hear about us, too. They do not respect students and human rights. Please help me. I am sorry if there is an error in English. help korea studentsWe have to wear masks and take classes for 8 hours.The expert said it's very dangerous if you wear it for more than wearing it for more than 5 hours. But the Minister of Education ignored this. I heard that Korean women are at a disadvantage in foreign countries, so I'll tell you the truth. It was feminists have lied. In Korea, women are socially disadvantaged, so treat them in the same class as disabled people. Men don't have that. South Korea's suicide rate among men over 50 years old is the highest in the world. And men are obliged to go to the army. But he doesn't care if I get hurt in the army. There's not much treatment for soldiers either. I've been in the army for two years, and there's no reward. In the meantime, women get a job. I'll tell you the whole point. The Minister of Education did not send his son to the army because he was precious. It's an expedient. And he's not a teacher. Does this make sense?

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    Guardian Commander

    Shut twitter down, then we won't have to listen to you. Then watch more people rise against you. It'll be beautiful and perfect.

  28. Avatar

    I guess this all part of MAGA?

  29. Avatar

    Trump is angry because he got fact checked. Now he is using his presidential powers to go after Twitter.

  30. Avatar

    this story it so screwed up. just give up "explaining" it.

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