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What is nitrous oxide?

When people think of nitrous oxide, they might think of the laughing gas they get at the dentist’s office, but agribusinesses are producing this greenhouse gas in excess to the point that it’s a contributor to climate change.

A study on nitrous oxide published by Nature was released Wednesday, showing the detrimental impact of nitrous oxide on the warming of the planet.

Global News looks into why too much nitrous oxide is being produced and what we can do to help.

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  1. Avatar

    You don’t need that for agriculture, you only need mineral water

    Viktor Schauberger.

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    The sun causes 'climate change'…what a bunch of idiots.why aren't 'climate scientists' working on something other than data collecting and giving their well paid for propaganda.

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    I'm Alone 😍😥

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    Trump Truth Train

    Now you can't grow food. That's another recipe for success.

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    Properly sustainable animal husbandry with animals grazing the land not in a corral, enrich the earth and actually cause a negative sink. We need to go back to what didn’t cause damage. When billions of buffalo wandered the land and enriched the earth. We humans destroy everything. If we don’t change we won’t be here soon.

  6. Avatar

    How about diesel manufacturers, they all use cheats to say their vehicles are at a low nitrous oxide emission while on the dyno, but while driving they are actually 500%+ worse than environmental standards. It is what VW admitted to and paid the largest settlement in automotive history, but all other diesel manufacturers are also culprits and use the same or similar cheats.

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    It's something how they rob Canadians with now

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    New Era Mysteries & Conspiracies

    I live in one of the largest and most profitable farming regions in the world (southern U.S.) and trust me when I tell you most of these people ONLY WANT MONEY. They do NOT care about what they are destroying nor how much land they have to clear to get their greed and selfishness accomplished. The first sign they care less about feeding people is how the biggest farms switch crops each season, all depending on what is higher in value. What was a food field back in the spring now has cotton planted in it around my property, only due to cotton bringing more value than food crops this one grow season.

  9. Avatar

    Lies, Lies and more Lies.

  10. Avatar
    Unicorn _Princess

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Ohh…yahh the price of food goes up as they push more of the Agenda 21…. seriously though whos voting for thos and how about holding other countries accountable first!

  12. Avatar

    So everything globalist news does has a motive. Just so you know, this is not news this is Agenda 2030. They plan to stop all small farms and take away people’s rural land and this is them grooming you. Don’t take the bait!!!!! The globalists will destroy your world. You will be living controlled in conjested cities. Look into it

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    Your day is coming Globalist News……

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    Global wants Soylent Green for everyone. What a crap bias news/blivert service it has become,

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    1:25 How does becoming a vegetarian stop nitrogen fertilizer overuse? Your conclusion is stupid.

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    The climate change cult is doing their best to freak you out and would like you to swallow this communist fear-mongering propaganda — they prefer people to die rather than have food.

  17. Avatar
    Marcus Impresario

    Those damn farmers are so stupid!
    They routinely put on more fertilizer than they should.
    They are so stupid that they don't realize that they could save money by using less!
    What we need is a government agency to tell them what to do! And shoot them if they don't do what they're told!

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    Vegan propaganda!

    Notice how the price of meat went up recently, drastically!

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    This was just bad.
    If people were really concerned, suicide is the answer

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    Nitrous oxide. The new thing for everyone to freak out about.

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    I am all about being more green but this doesn't sound right. They say we need to eat more plant less meat but they said to much no2 is coming from plant farming. I think they should look for the huge amount of no2 that comes from other sources, high efficiency burning of fuels run at high temperature to limit the burning time. The higher the temperature in the burn the more no2 that is produced so because we want max heat yield and reduced co2 output we have increased the no2 output. I'm a power engineer and the is basic science the problem is less to do with farming and more to do with the trade off of we want less co2 and now we have created more no2. Low NOx is something boiler makers have work toward for years the people writing this news item need to question their science and do some more research before going for the sensationalism of this story. Global this is damaging your credibility as a news provider the fuel burning at high heat yields is the largest producer of NOx not that other sources don't add but high heat burning is the problem.

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    All will be ok if a big enough volcano erupts emitting volcanic ash into the air blocking out the suns rays, thus lowering the temperature of the planet…

  23. Avatar

    Oxygen is the biggest greenhouse gas. Without Oxygen, the planet will be very cool.

  24. Avatar

    Without Nitrous Oxide, our agriculture sector cannot support a population of 8 billion

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