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What is happening in Nigeria?

After weeks of #EndSARS demonstrations against police brutality, Nigerian forces armed with automatic rifles opened fire against protesters in Lagos.

On the streets of Africa’s largest city, young Nigerians are feeling increasingly angry with political leaders seen as ‘ineffectual’ and ‘out of touch’.

And here’s why.

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  1. Avatar

    More attention needs to be paid to this crisis

  2. Avatar
    Resister of CCP Evil

    How can we blame white people ?

  3. Avatar
    Adesegun Omisande

    hearing about my country in this state , it just messes me up

  4. Avatar

    End SARS COVID..oh wait..its just george soros BLM fighting SARS police…

  5. Avatar

    Wow, this is surprising, you'd think with all those black people it would be a Utopia.

  6. Avatar

    The lord is doing all of this

  7. Avatar

    'bloody protesters'.

    I read that in British English.

  8. Avatar
    420 cats are in my basement


  9. Avatar

    I didn’t know English was their first language.

  10. Avatar

    I'm a Nigerian

  11. Avatar
    John Buffalo I am 97

    Britian should invade nigeria and china

  12. Avatar

    Good the military are doing something.

  13. Avatar
    Nelson terrorist Mandela

    Who cares wot about the illegals coming in on dinghys

  14. Avatar

    We will see this all over the world in the coming months

  15. Avatar

    Isaiah 14:9 = evil tyrannical world leaders. !

  16. Avatar
    We. R. On. R. Way. Back

    Best way to stop SARS is to abide by the law. These thugs are just BLM/Antifa under a different name.

  17. Avatar

    Yeah, where's black lives matter now?

  18. Avatar

    How to make a cup of tea , putting tea bag into cup , pour boiled water into cup , stir for 3 minutes , then remove the tea bag and add your milk and stir . For DIANE ABBOTT 3 minutes is 3×60 seconds 👍👍👍

  19. Avatar

    Fish starts rotting at the head

  20. Avatar

    More then 12 people was killed. Stop lying

  21. Avatar

    The 6 o'clock news is on on BBC 1

  22. Avatar
    Prince Ferdinand Nwora

    Where's d moses of this generation

  23. Avatar

    Who cares about Nigeria ..

  24. Avatar

    black people can't catch a break

  25. Avatar

    We call on the world to back Nigeria up. The corruption in Nigeria is the worst in the world. Speak up for change.

  26. Avatar

    SARS was rebranded. Same men and same system. We are not buying the lies this time.

  27. Avatar

    Who cares? They are adults let them sort their own problems.The UK is now expert at ruining its own country.Lockdown insanity.The woman from Barnsley at 83 has more common sense and practical wisdom than anyone at Sage,in Government or the Labour party.Time for politicians and the media to wake up from their Coronavirus coma.

  28. Avatar

    Gosh what a bad year

  29. Avatar
    中華萬歲 smile

    Don't care black

  30. Avatar

    Terrible! I cant wait till 2020 is over!

  31. Avatar

    Even in black ethnostates black people are complaining about the police killing them, at least they can't blame this one on racism.

  32. Avatar

    Please pray for us too. No peace in Ethiopia specially in Oromia region. It's very hard to live in Ethiopia as an Oromo.

  33. Avatar

    The answer is that we have old, wicked leader/politicians with no initiative, but to loot the nations treasury and oppress its citizenry

  34. Avatar

    Black leadership?

  35. Avatar

    End Nigerian NOT SARS

  36. Avatar

    Which president?

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