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What If You Could Taste Colors

If we could taste colors, what would each color taste like? Sounds like a hypothetical question but this is exactly what happened to me recently! It was a Sunday morning, and I fried eggs for breakfast. But something was definitely wrong. I wasn’t sure if it’s eggs or me, though. Now, you’ve tried fried eggs, right? They normally taste like… eggs. But that time, along with the egg, I could also taste lemon, vanilla yogurt, and even some paper. Whatever was the reason, I decided I’d be okay with just a tea for that day. But as soon as tried it, I spat it out. What is that? Did I put a spoonful of black pepper there?

I tried to eat some strawberries but, along with the normal strawberry taste, they had a taste of hot chili. Suddenly, I got a weird thought. Do I… taste colors? And then I remembered something I read in one article once. Synesthesia! According to the theory, signals from one sensory system may end up in another system. For example, when a person can see the color of music or feel the smell of words. Something similar happens to newborn babies. And something similar happened to me…


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  1. Avatar

    What's the best thing you've ever tasted?

  2. Avatar

    I don’t know about tasting colors, but I know someone who says he can smell polka dots. I’m not even kidding.

  3. Avatar

    Chicken it tasted like eggs and bacon

  4. Avatar

    You can’t tast color!

  5. Avatar

    You is craaaaaazy you can’t tast colorrrrr!

  6. Avatar

    Umm in the start i think he be getting pranked bro

  7. Avatar

    Light blue is Cyan
    Light green is Lime
    Light orange is Orfac
    Just some colors to know

  8. Avatar

    Its actually a condition called synaesthesia . LIKE if you agree!

  9. Avatar

    But you can taste a color
    It is the color orange.

  10. Avatar

    what if u tasted brown

  11. Avatar

    If I ate o’clock it will taste like Time

  12. Avatar

    I have never watched such a whack video but I liked it!

  13. Avatar

    You wanna taste green?

    Drink your moms green veggie juice

  14. Avatar

    Try some lsd you’ll be tasting colors in no time

  15. Avatar

    Yeah dude, ur doctor's right

    Maybe you need to sleep

  16. Avatar

    get ready for some NSFW replies, again, Bright Side 🙂

  17. Avatar

    1:16 don't lick the back of your phone, that's nasty! Think of all the germs it contains! 😀

  18. Avatar

    This is more horrifying than eating the bean boozled sweets at least you know what flavours you have on the packet.

  19. Avatar

    I can smell colors n feel colors

  20. Avatar

    Wait… u licked a maker. lollll

  21. Avatar

    Wait you guys can't taste colors?

  22. Avatar

    hi i can taste colors

  23. Avatar

    Bro your mamaw is not nice like you have to go you have no choice I guess

  24. Avatar
    Malebogo Magibisela

    I like your videos 😁

  25. Avatar

    imagine if you had this but instead of tasting colors, foods swap taste, vegetable taste like meat and meat taste like vegetable, i guess if that happened all of us will be very healthy

  26. Avatar
    My breaks Don't work!

    It's just synesthesia. I experience smelling colors during seizure activity. It shocks me that the doctor didn't know about it.

  27. Avatar

    What if we could feel colors

  28. Avatar

    Is it just me or u guys also think bright side is turning into what if

  29. Avatar

    Yes we taste colors

  30. Avatar

    Why would red taste like pepper?? Why wouldn't it taste like cherry???

  31. Avatar

    I don't think any of that actually happened to you, liar.

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