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What If Earth Split and Pulled You to the Center

Okay, here’s another cool ‘what if’ scenario for you. What if the Earth were physically split in half? Is it even possible to separate the planet? Weel, to do that, a super-powerful laser would be needed. Such a laser has to receive energy directly from the sun. The weapon goes into space on a rocket thousands of miles above our world. Then, once the laser arrives at its destination, it opens wide to expose plates of solar panels. The laser absorbs and concentrates the sun’s rays. Then a powerful energy beam with the diameter of several cities shoots into the middle of the planet.

Oceans through which the beam passes boil and evaporate from the high temperature. These vapors turn into a vast thundercloud in the sky. A strong wind drives these clouds over the continents. Heavy rain falls, which floods not only cities but entire countries. As the tectonic plates shift, tsunamis are created. Huge waves crash onto the shore. The Earth is split in two. And, this is just the beginning… Do you like disaster movies? Then you’ll definitely like our new ‘what if’ video.


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    If the earth were split in half, in which hemisphere would you want to live, Northern or Southern?

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    What happened to the other guy

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    Brightside I love you so much I wish I can meet you in real life and you changed my life love you

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    can you stop live streaming? on your other vid

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    He sounds lime the type of guy to read my book on my macbook

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    Plays than gets a notification from Nasa. Nasa's notification says: the Earth will be cut in half be redy for the inpack. A person who works at Nasa says: Goodbye to humaniti and the planet Earth. earth is cut in half. The person who works at Nasa: bye people see you all at the next life!

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    Alphonse Cyrus Torres

    Why does your voice change?

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    jayson matthew ramos

    Hahahahahaha fails at 7:30. He said but first we have

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    Lol…there would be no 'living pieces' on those chunks, unless they have an atmosphere.

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    Guys if this happens we all will probably reborn in Mars or somewhere

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    Such an imagination!

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    This is possible in universe sandbox and solar smash

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    the scene you were talking about is just like the dingus from transformers prime made by sclus….

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    If this happens how to be sure it's going to end up like that I still don't believe it or it going to happen one millions years shouldn't this happens

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    3:07 is false I believe or I misunderstood it.
    Gravity at the surface of the earth is stronger than gravity closer to the center. This is because the only part of the earth's mass that exerts gravitation is that part which exists at a radius less than your distance from the center. … So the deeper you get, the less gravity you experience…and therefore gravity is not higher in the core
    okay I sound so nerdy to u right now. Likes for proving Brightside wrong or comment and debate

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    What are quinncidence when you said earth will be split in half my phone battery was half too 50%

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    What happened to you voice? It's different..

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    love you at 8:39

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    it will not happen

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    Where is the old actor

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    But why would u do that

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    bright side please explain, What happens if the moon is replaced by the largest satellite in the solar system, Ganymede?

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    I really think that the qualiti of bright side videos has dipped over years, when I re started watching after 4 or 5 months 😔

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    Phillippa Ragiwala

    The pichure look liked solar mash app

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    Umm… U would die. But what do I know

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    Get the Voice BACC

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    So today I had my science exam and I wrote that the core has the least gravity, and the poles have the most. And in this vid they say the core has so much gravity that it would attract things…

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    Stop making useless video

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    Before any of these happen, everything on earth dies due to the shockwave of expanding water vapour the end

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    gamin with mohit clasher007

    Imagine some one does this in real life

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    Me: the voice is change

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