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What Hong Kong Protesters Want | WSJ

What started off as a demonstration against a controversial extradition bill has become a series of massive protests with broad political demands. Here is why so many Hong Kongers keep taking to the streets in a leaderless movement and whether their goals can be achieved.

Photo: Thomas Peter/Reuters

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  1. Avatar

    Notice how this millennial narrator doesn't have that beta sass that you'll hear in liberal leaning channels 💁🏼‍♂️

  2. Avatar

    now imagine Occupy wall street protestors were to occupy legislative buildings or surround a Police headquarter in the US….all of them would have been probably shot

  3. Avatar

    abolition of the agreed treaty by china-UK transition agreement 1997 and let HK govern by themselves that its the six demand …what do u think hongkoners…

  4. Avatar

    Shame on you China. The whole world is watching, well, except mainlanders of course, they will need to pay VPN to get real news!

  5. Avatar

    We should also demand Point # 5 here in the US. Every vote needs to count in choosing the leader, not the rigged system we have now!

  6. Avatar

    They want separation from China, unacceptable.

  7. Avatar

    at least there wasn't police shooting the protestors ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍

  8. Avatar

    Their owners want an "Arab Spring" in China so they are asked to do so.

  9. Avatar

    go to the US to demand for them since they are holding US flags and singing the american anthem. Traitors to the core

  10. Avatar

    People in the west love their voting system so much and really fall in love with their democratically elected leaders such as Donald Trump.

  11. Avatar

    Hong Kong will always be part of China, China NO.1

  12. Avatar

    Wow…one of the most professionally done report. Not too biased and clear … but did left out the extreme violence of protesters and police brutality. Both need to be investigated … no amnesty for those that caused harm.

  13. Avatar

    Democracy is a joke, end of conversation

  14. Avatar

    They want to overthrow China's One Country Two System and set up a American democratic system. Oh yea try as you may but not in a million years

  15. Avatar

    they just want one thing: money! on 16 Aug, as the protest announced, to withdraw cash together to beat HK financial system. and then 2 million protest withdraw 2.81 million HKD. funny?
    and, the woman's eye damaged by her collude not policeman. they also beat two men in the airport, block the way and channel. they are roiters and losers.
    what will happen in US if protest attack cops? the cop will shoot back right? US media always report what they want the people to know, never objective.

  16. Avatar

    A platform for dialogue but no promise that the demands will be answered. It's similar to the press conference. Don't expect the Hong Kong government will withdraw the extradition bill officially in this new platform. It's a public show only.

  17. Avatar

    Pakistan did attack on USA through Osama and Mumbai terrorist attack. China protect terrorist state Pakistan. Free Baluchistan. Free Hongkong.

  18. Avatar

    HK is to be Set free from the Chinese communism!!!

  19. Avatar

    I think HK police are much more gentle than their US counterparts.

  20. Avatar

    i tell you what they DON'T WANT and that is more LIES! End Off 😉

  21. Avatar

    They got no aim as they keep shifting their goalpost. They only want anarchy

  22. Avatar

    Fight for your freedom. By destroying others freedom. Annoy.

  23. Avatar

    Have One Demand – Forming an Independent Democratic Country!

  24. Avatar

    Democracy? Vote once every 4-5 years and after that you practically have no say in what your elected government does? 😉
    Face it, ALL the political systems we have on this godforsaken planet are corrupt and overwhelmingly in favour of the upper echelons.

  25. Avatar

    They lost my support when they spray painted the ethnic slur 支那 (Shina) on the Hong Kong Liaison Office walls. A derogatory and deeply offensive ethnic slur equivalent to the American connotation of the word "negro".

  26. Avatar

    These HK protestors are dwindling by the second. Not many in support of these protestors anymore. Cheers

  27. Avatar

    Please, world, stop any imports from Hong Kong because they are using the Hong Kong protests in accordance with Trump conspiracy, for start the nuclear world war in South-East Asia.

  28. Avatar

    Another report of Hong Kong, another biased report, but it doesn’t matter, Hong Kong will be Hong Kong again, Hong Kong is part of China

  29. Avatar

    Hong Kong; protests
    Other Countries; sips tea

  30. Avatar

    Many ignorant idiots here do not understand why China would not give an inch to these rioters !

    1) Britain actually leased a large area called the "New Territories" from China and that lease had already expired since July 1, 1997.
    The New Territories forms 86.2% of Hong Kong's territory and without this land, it is not possible to sustain the HK population of 6.5 million in 1997.

    The cunning Brits knew that. They actually wanted to renew the lease for the "New Territories" for another 99 years. But Deng told the Brits to take a hike.
    Fearing that the Britain will have to take in millions of Chinese, they decided to negotiate the rest of the HK (13.8%) to avoid having to take in millions of Hong Kees.
    Unlike the Gibraltarians who hold British Overseas Territory passports and have the right of abode in UK, these Hong Kees did not have the same right… (color of skin matters obviously).

    "As a result of the British Nationality Act 1981, Gibraltarians were made British Overseas Territories citizens by default, but could apply for registration as a British Citizen ("an entitlement that cannot be refused") under section 5 of the Act. "

    Of course the British do not want 6.5+ million Hong Kong Chinese to become British citizen.

    "In this memorandum the Government of the United Kingdom declared that all persons who hold British Dependent Territories citizenship (BDTCs) through an affiliation with Hong Kong would cease to be BDTCs on 1 July 1997. After the declaration, the Hong Kong Act 1985 and the Hong Kong (British Nationality) Order, 1986 created the category British National (Overseas). BDTCs were allowed to apply for British National (Overseas) status until July 1997, but this status does not in of itself grant the right of abode anywhere, including the United Kingdom and Hong Kong."

  31. Avatar

    HK people fight the dirty communist pigs, fight for your freedom.

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