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What Happens to Landlords When Tenants Can't Pay Rent? | WSJ

Hundreds of thousands of renters may miss rent payments for May as the coronavirus crisis enters its third month in the U.S. For smaller landlords, that means facing their own financial crisis. WSJ’s Jason Bellini reports. Photo: Fadhila Hussein

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  1. Avatar

    thats her gamble, oh well. you play you might just have to pay.

  2. Avatar

    "It's so hard", lol that's what she said!
    Is all I gathered from this segment.

  3. Avatar

    Throw them out, I don't care if they can't pay. Not my problem nor I care. Lol

  4. Avatar

    It’s a domino affect. The last to remain standing are the billionaires. 💸

  5. Avatar

    "im gonna have to stop making payments on all these properties because theres no money"
    lol how tf do you think the tenants feel

  6. Avatar

    Pay now or pay later but pay! No free rides on other citizens. If you don’t Landlords could bulldoze their property.

  7. Avatar

    Whose fault is it that you live pay check to pay check?? Government's?? Until when are you going to blame the Government for your life?

  8. Avatar

    As a former landlord, I am so glad a I got out of that business. Being a landlord is a thankless business where you are constantly playing whack-a-mole trying to handle one headache after the other. This pandemic is just another headache that she needs to add to her list.

  9. Avatar

    Um, they remain just that……"land-lords" (or lords of land)??? #simple
    (unless the banks want their stuff…..)

  10. Avatar

    Maybe she needs to sell some of her properties and, look for a job to supprt her self, i think retirement years 65?! You have time to have the feeling of working !

  11. Avatar
    Bar and Bell Home Fitness

    People falsely think that being a landlord is nothing more than collecting easy rent each month. I refuse to ever be a landlord. Look at AirBnB … Those super hosts have more than a dozen properties …. most of which owe a mortgage. You've been convinced that heavy debt is the way to make money. One step forward with a LARGE step back. SMH.

  12. Avatar

    The real problem is the bank, insurance, and govt still want to collect their mortgages, tax, and insurance cost… and unwilling to allow people to delay and put it at the end of their contract.

    Something odd here is the landlord is missing 50 percent of the april rent… She owns and manages 14 properties.. One month missed her target and she is in the deep end??? I am pretty sure she collected for many months before this so she should have savings. Most landlord do not live on paycheck by paycheck. They usually collect cash.

  13. Avatar

    What are the chances that the tenants got infected by covid19 and passed away without the landlord knowing? They are in New York no?

  14. Avatar

    If ALL would forgive 3 months, everything would be great! But that would have to include everyone to work, and MSM along with other money grubbing pukes won't allow such a think as people working together to MAKE IT HAPPEN! BA$TARD$!

  15. Avatar

    This country is a joke. Lakers and harvard get stimulus money. Unemployed people making double the people working are. A Joke

  16. Avatar

    Investing is a gamble. She should of thought about the risks of owning 14 properties.

  17. Avatar

    Most all Landlords are greedy scumbags…..especially the foreigners who bought real estate in the United States for investments

  18. Avatar

    File bankruptcy thats always a choise

  19. Avatar

    We need to face the risk and just go back to work.
    Lockdown is causing more loss of life than disease.

  20. Avatar

    Democrats did this.

  21. Avatar

    My sympathy level is shall we say low for people that charge 1200 bucks a month for obviously old and decrepit housing.

  22. Avatar

    Gosh my heart goes out to a woman that has all those properties not

  23. Avatar

    But still she got 6300 more than her renters did that month. It be nice to of got 500 just to put food in the kids belly. Fux her 6300 dont know what to do.

  24. Avatar

    Its just part of the risk landlords have to take when they decide to rent out a property.

  25. Avatar

    Maybe landlords shouldn’t buy houses they can’t afford. If you depend on renters to pay your bills then you own too many houses. It’s your own fault.

  26. Avatar
    Computer Crazies

    Society : "You can't throw people out during a crisis"
    Landlords who worked their entire lives to own property now realizing that in the future only banks will be able to afford the "humanitarian" practice of owning property as they also cannot afford to pay their monthly upkeep on the house and instead are dealt with absolutely no mercy from the system insurance companies ect. I Do not own property but you can bet a bank will own the places our kids rent in the future and not people… people can't afford this kind of middle class burden.

  27. Avatar
    Nathan Anderson

    14 rental properties and she doesn't have enough liquidity to tide her over for a few months? Cry me a river.

  28. Avatar
    Michael and Brytany Jordan

    Yet another abuse by the democrats. They want to sit around and pay for nothing. Here in Cali I have heard of landlords rewarding tenants with 1 month free simply because they are paying their bills.

  29. Avatar
    Michael and Brytany Jordan

    Grow up you f!#king children! Keep up on your responsibilities like a big kid.

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