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What happens if Trump stays unwell at the time of the election?

Sky News’ Marth Kelner looks at what could happen at the US election should Donald Trump remain sick or become incapacitated.

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    There are now more sheep in urban areas than the whole of the Welsh countryside, they visit supermarkets, go online, even visit theme parks in the summer

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    And remember sheeple to wear those lovely masks when out and about, take the blue pill

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    Ethiopian Athletics, Culture, Language

    What happens if Trump stays unwell at time of the election?. Americans believe that God exists.

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    Drama Queens….. He's got better already!!!!!!

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    Matt Hancock would have loved to have got his grubby hands on Trumps Test Kit, notice how Matts eyes light up in the commons, when he talks about testing people

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    Sky News is where I am getting information about Trumps condition and the implications for our election. Thanks for being so much better than the American media.

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    If Biden wins there WILL be a World War and Billions of people killed!!!

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    Nothing, he's been acting unwell for at least 4 years.

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    Trump2020 🍸

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    Simma Kamlangdee

    So fishy

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    In Trump we Trust and get well soon Mr President. Calling all Trump voters to come out in mass and vote for Trump November 3.
    Sky news stop the fake news

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    Why is the media creating all these distractions. What is going on behind closed doors?

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    What will happen? He'll enjoy all the fuss and put it all down to fake news! The soap opera continues.

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    They will have him back by next weekend and all this will be a chapter in a dusty book.

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    The media is the real enemy.

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    Happy birthday, mister presidumbass.

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    Can still vote for him it's a cold ffs

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    Trump unwell ALL THE TIME, a narcissist, sociopath

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    The bleach treatment has worked.

    He’s not orange anymore. 🤣😂

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    Speculation again, and they have a go at others and call them conspiracy theorists when suits.

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    Leo Master Daddy Senpai Oppa ALPHA Male Hunk Stud

    Trump's strategy to delay the election. There will be more and more Republicans "testing positive" for Coronavirus as the week goes on. It's to be expected.

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    Stop it thus biased media; the country is not in crisis; Trump only been out for a day !!! Geez !!!
    Trump on his sick bed will still defeat Biden any day

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    What happens if I Smoke Marijuana every weekend ? I will live up to 💯+ years

    Also her voice does not match her face

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    "What happens if Trump stays unwell at the time of the election?"
    In that case the Democrats (who probably poisoned him to begin with) will claim the elections are forfeit and that they "won" …after which we can all have ourselves a nice bloody civil war in America.!

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    Trump//Pence//Make America Great Again, Again//Landslide//2020

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    are Democrats immuned to Corona virus.i only see this as strengthening trump in the election.

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    America and englands news reporters are all peodophiles and part of this genocidal murder.
    It's in our water supply guaranteed.
    Any housing estates that use recycled water has covid19 init

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    0:00 "US Election Trump VIRUS" I see calling trump for what he is.

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    Is unwell a word now?

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    Hate trump and biden

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    Trump has started his lies again, claiming he’s fit and ready to leave hospital…. let see him again in a couple of days time.

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    Most https://youtu.be/9Y_57oirOOE lovely villager baby girl

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    Trey gowdy would take his place

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    Wow what a stretch. Is this the tin foil hat news

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    Davidice101artist David Eric Fowell

    Still of month of this farce, Sadly not a great advert for democracy.

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    வருண் ராஜ்

    It shows they lack the content from the election and making up a story just to fill time. Problems of mainstream 24 hours news channel..

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    And why does anyone care? Trump or no trump, election or no election, this isnt the UK. I thought we voted for Brexit so we can become an entirely self-centred nation?

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    They world will carry on 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️

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    I don’t think Biden will recover from dementia by Election Day .

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    Ever heard of we will see nearer to the time ?

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