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What Facebook, Google and Others Can Learn From Microsoft’s Antitrust Case | WSJ

The Department of Justice is investigating the U.S.’s largest tech firms for allegedly monopolistic behavior. Roughly 20 years ago, a similar case threatened to destabilize Microsoft. WSJ explains.

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    No they won't learn. Especially "Google" and "Facebook".

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    Big up i havemuch interest in using technology

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    Who's going to be the next Standard Oil Company

  4. Avatar

    Sundar Pichi is a net loss for the United State, and our freedoms.

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    This time it’s different than the 90’s

    National security and who is going to dominate future tech like Artificial Intelligence is more important

    Guarantee you none of the tech giants today will be broken up

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    why americans so concerned about this nonsense and never about what really matters? like if the`d focus 11% of this energy on the pharma industry…

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    5:24 I have trust issues with WSJ's map of Europe. Scotland and Northern Ireland have a land border now?

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