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What Dr Fauci actually said versus how Trump used clip in campaign ad

Dr Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious disease expert, has criticised Donald Trump’s re-election campaign for using his words out of context to make it appear as if he was praising the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. In the video released on Saturday, Fauci can be heard saying: ‘I can’t imagine that … anyone could be doing more’ as the advert boasts of Trump’s response to Covid-19, which in the US has killed more than 214,000 and infected more than 7.7m. The clip came from an interview Fauci gave to Fox News, in which he was describing the work that he and other members of the White House coronavirus task force undertook to respond to the virus 
Anthony Fauci criticises Donald Trump for using his words out of context

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    Gees if you're going to nit pick this hard then look at your own commentary, he was asked about 'this administration' which includes him, the president and others.

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    Fauci is in a lot of trouble.

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    Trump, down to his very DNA, is a liar.

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    Wow advertisement 🏆💎👑🏆

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    Fauci is on record as saying masks are useless and don't work
    Three months later he insists we all wear masks

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    Trump is like a spoilt kid he's just a disgrace and is in the pockets of the banks always has been he doesn't care about the average American, since he's been in power 200000 jobs have gone abroad and they've had tax relief, anything trump says you have to take it the opposite the guy is a something on your shoe..

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    Ironic how no one says anything when CNN constantly does the exact same thing

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    Lol… so it is exactly what Fauci said.

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    All faici wants is the whole world vaccinated, which I will not be taking

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    Ask the question WHO IS Q, dare you

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    Who cares what he said . He should be telling people its important for healthy people including children to catch covid 19 to boost immunity .
    Hes making out covid 19 is serious to human life hes a dissgrace

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    Trumps correct. His team of which he is the leader is doing everything facsist fauci should resign

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    So how is that out of context? It means that as far as coronavirus is concerned, there was nothing more humanly possible to be done!

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    D O N ' T T A K E T H E V A C C I N E

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    This is nothing compared to what mainstream media do.

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    Bill and Melinda Gates fund the Guardian. One google search away

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    ‘Dr’ Fauchi spends all his time on leftist media… Doesn’t seem very connected to science. TDS though

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    The Guardian speaking about words taken out of context – that’s rich!

    How many times did the corporate media cartel ‘misreported’ about Trump?

    Maybe only 95 % of the time?

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    Timli Adiwasi JaYs


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    This agendered news is destroying society

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    person, woman, man, camera, indictments, convictions, incarceration.

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    Fauci is in Gates back pocket he's a fool

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    Wow now if only you and the rest of the media were as diligent when it comes to quoting Trump instead of constantly misquoting him

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    The Guardian is one of the best comedy publications of our time

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    "I can't imagine anyone could do more GOLFING while so many Americans are sick and Dying." The Trump Crime Family edited that part out.

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    Oh context matters now suddenly! … Amazing how that doesn't seem to matter when in reverse, eh?

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    All you creatures working for the Guardian, peddling your lies will face justice soon. You are criminals and will be dealt with accordingly

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