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What do voters think of Trump's recent coronavirus infection and his actions surrounding it?

Sky News’ James Matthews joins swing voters in the town of New Freedom Pennsylvania, the type of area that Mr Trump will need to win in November if he is to secure a second term.

He heard what local voters thought about Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection, and how he has handled being in hospital.

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  1. Avatar

    I think the doctors have made a grave mistake, did they forget that people feel bad, get a bit better for a few days then wipe out?
    Honestly, he’s more worried about his “appearance” to the public as a man who is strong and can “win” at anything. He doesn’t like the idea of looking weak.
    I don’t agree that he should have rode around waving at people! Everyone else has to be quarantined! That ego of his is beyond narcissism! In his attempt to make everyone believe that COVID-19 is no big deal, he may lose more than just the White House.

  2. Avatar

    Love ya, Sky News.

  3. Avatar

    Didn’t your news outlet report earlier that he was ahead 56 to Biden’s 40 just within the last day according to Gallup?

  4. Avatar

    It's hilarious they had to find the one Biden sign for an interview. Claim it's a Trump stronghold and say, "look there's the only Biden sign, let's say they represent the majority in this town."

  5. Avatar

    Most of the world thinks he's nuts, his rabid followers think it's all fake news, and one giant conspiracy to make his lose the election…

  6. Avatar

    sounds like a SNP comentator. i had it im scottish and it was really a bad flu. . too much is being made up about it .

  7. Avatar

    Getting sick is the news, not that he got out. Keeping the fears and the restrictions on, rather than highlighting the fact that it is not as deadly as they want us to believe, and that we can deal with it.

  8. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar

    I used to watch Skynews but they're so leftist I'll probably delete them now

  10. Avatar

    The voters think….👎

  11. Avatar

    Stupid & selfish ppl continuing to infect each other is not unexpected.

    Trump & Covid:
    "I love the poorly educated"

  12. Avatar

    Count Dankula would have provided a better analysis.

  13. Avatar

    Lol that was me in the holister sweatshirt

  14. Avatar
    Maria Elisa Ellis

    Biased Sky News only interviewed voters who won’t vote for Trump. It should have been 50% / 50% to be unbiased. Free propaganda for the opposition!!

  15. Avatar

    'Crowd pleasing' does not fix covid or the economy.

  16. Avatar
    CottageGarden SMITH


  17. Avatar

    media knows best!???

  18. Avatar

    see and feed back the 1st presidential debate!???

  19. Avatar

    Ohio debate says a lot and sends a message to US public who is next!???

  20. Avatar

    How trump contracted coronavirus and is present condition https://lukerxpharmacy.com/product/how-trump-contracted-coronavirus/

  21. Avatar

    Trump lost the election when he called covid a hoax and blew the response-the most number of deaths and the most cases-go Joe to stop it both here and globally

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