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What Could Happen If a Hospital Runs Out of Ventilators? | WSJ

What happens if New York hospitals run out of ventilators? State officials are considering different options to help in that grim scenario. WSJ’s Jason Bellini spoke to experts familiar with the discussions. Photo: Ronald Bon/DPA/Zuma Press

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  1. Avatar

    Trumps right !! Wall Street Journal is turning into CNN 2.0 trash 💩 💩 News

  2. Avatar

    Wow, in the "land of plenty", eh (as long as it's not about decent, affordable healthcare/socialized medicine).

  3. Avatar

    Important story, disgusting state of affairs.

  4. Avatar

    We needed missiles now we need ventilators

  5. Avatar

    But US military’s budget is over 600 billion dollars. Priorities

  6. Avatar

    Trump is old hopefully he will be thrown off of the ventilator.

  7. Avatar

    sounds like Death Panels, thanks republicans

  8. Avatar

    Fear mongering at it finest. All in the sudden everybody thinks they are an expert on ventilators.

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    Please use a pop screen for your voiceover recordings. And, tell your interviewees to use cellphone earphones with a microphone for good sound. "Bad sound makes good video look bad.”

  10. Avatar

    US govt: No, Military First 😂😅🤣

  11. Avatar

    We can use a small motor to circule or rotate the air pressure by connecting to plastic rubber bag. Same way we use to pressurise football

  12. Avatar

    Wow, just wow. Imagine the psychological strain on doctors and nurses who have to take part in such a "decision". And THEN inform the family about the decision to stop trying to save their beloved person.
    That's heartbreaking and extremely saddening.
    Wouldn't expect this to happen in 21st century America.
    Looks like Trump did make America great again 🤦‍♀️

  13. Avatar

    We can give trillions of dollars to countries who don't give a sh*** about America. But we don't have enough ventilators for Americans.

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