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WestJet suspends flights to 4 Atlantic cities

WestJet will soon no longer fly to Moncton, Fredericton, Sydney, Charlottetown and Quebec City. The airline, which cited the pandemic as the reason for the changes, will also drastically cut back its service to St. John’s and Halifax.
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  1. Avatar

    good news all are cases in pei came on plane we would have no cases if planes didnt bring them in

  2. Avatar

    Good news for Maritimers!

  3. Avatar

    No one goes to those locations anyways.

  4. Avatar

    thanks China flu

  5. Avatar

    Cut off flights from within the country betweens province's.

    While also keeping foreign borders open to all other countries, regardless of Covid-19 cases within those regions.

  6. Avatar

    Cut flights coming in from all other countries to please!

  7. Avatar

    This is not good news for the economy of the Maritimes actually. It makes sense to cut them temporarily during the pandemic, but they will not be coming back. It may be a ploy to get the feds to cut those additional feesl, to prevent reductions across the country. My family used the Westjet flight from Moncton to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver all the time before the epidemic. There will be no flights in or out of New Brunswick. Not great long term.

  8. Avatar

    Why can’t talking heads take out the ear buds when they are on camera.

  9. Avatar

    Can still go to china though.

  10. Avatar

    Westjet is stepping away because the oil patch money has dried up, they jump in and out of destinations to take the cream.

  11. Avatar

    Air Canada monopoly. Yippee. You'll be selling your first born on the black market to get in and out of Atlantic Canada now.

  12. Avatar

    The Atlantic bubble is the safest place in North America right now. Cancel the flights for all I care. We don’t need people coming in and ruining that

  13. Avatar

    Great news!! Let's keep f*cking up everything for everyone for absolutely 0 reason. Can't wait for the whole planet to implode. 10/10 keep up the good work.

  14. Avatar

    Not because of the "pandemic". Because of stupidity.

  15. Avatar

    Yet we are allowing flights from high risk countries huh. I work at a hotel and we have tons of people from other countries quarantining. This makes no sense lmao. They’re clearly not making enough money from those flights.

  16. Avatar

    WestJet has some of the worst policies known to man.

  17. Avatar

    What BS… Nobody is dying from covid. Who cares if there are cases.

  18. Avatar

    Won't this mean an increase in flights to Hfx. and St John's for people who won't to get into the region ?

  19. Avatar

    This is a total sh*t show.

  20. Avatar

    NEWS HEADLINE.. 30% fee increase at airports (then you). Here we go >> the first waves of mass inflation….starting at the low end (eastern airports where not many people will notice) and soon to YOU.

  21. Avatar
    techthai tehabnormal

    Nwo plans in motion , it will be its own District soon neglected more than ever

  22. Avatar

    The rich do not care about losing a few billions here and there. The implementation of the NWO agenda is more important to them.

  23. Avatar

    I wonder if Westjet will run flights to the internment camps Canada is building.

  24. Avatar

    WestJet may as well start melting down their planes and turning them into beer cans.

  25. Avatar

    Gov knew the virus was comming but choose to do nothing. All that was needed was to Quarantine all the people comming form international flights for 14 days Unloaded on tarmac taken to Quarantine while the rest of country carried on then we would not be in this mess. Run the country like a buiness, this is what happens

  26. Avatar
    Full Circle Jiu Jitsu

    With no new covid-19 cases in the area doesn't it make sense to keep it that way? Keep the virus in Ontario and Quebec where it's needed to cull the population of overpaid retired politicians!

  27. Avatar

    Pollution is going to take all of us out every single plane in the world is run on jet fuel still and all the Rockets going to space it’s a joke we are doomed

  28. Avatar

    Canada needs to get better transportation across all provinces not cut off…

  29. Avatar

    How does Nav Canada, a privately run, not-for-profit corporation that owns and operates Canada's civil air navigation system justify an increase of 30% during a pandemic? Just who is lining their "not-for-profit" pockets with this 30% increase? Neil Wilson, Sandy Struthers, Raymond Bohn, Elizabeth Cameron, Mark Cooper, Ben Girard, Leigh Ann Kirby, Diana Kelly, and Donna Mathieu, did they get a 30% raise too?

  30. Avatar

    We only have one flight to Toronto and one flight to St John's out of Halifax a day as it is!

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