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WestJet slashes jobs and services in Quebec City, Atlantic Canada

WestJet is indefinitely suspending operations in multiple cities, all due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press release, WestJet said it is indefinitely suspending flights to Moncton, Fredericton, Sydney and Charlottetown, while “significantly” reducing service to Halifax and St. John’s. Flights to Quebec City have also been indefinitely suspended.

The flight suspensions begin Nov. 2.

Eric Sorensen explains how many flights are being grounded, when, how many jobs are affected, and the pandemic’s mounting toll on the airline industry.

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  1. Avatar

    Good. Never again, WestJet. You turned your back on Canadians this year.

  2. Avatar

    Hold China🇨🇳 accountable!
    – China's Xi Jinping and
    – WHO's Tedros
    should be criminally charged and arrested immediately for their roles in the Wuhan outbreak.

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    Beware of the following DANGEROUS words,
    that the Chinese 🇨🇳 regime is using to recklessly MANIPULATE and CONTROL other people:

    – "descendents of Dragons",
    – "Chinese blood", 
    – "Chinese root",
    – "Ancestors",
    – "Patriotic Chinese",
    – "Traitors",
    – "China motherland",
    – "Belongs to China",
    – "1.4 billion Chinese",
    – "China's internal affair",
    – "Inseparable part of China",
    – "Since ancient times".

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    Seriously, Canadians 🇨🇦can sue Xi Jinping and the Chinese 🇨🇳  government for their coverup and mishandling of the Wuhan outbreak.
    – The suit is to compensate for the damages and suffering  that they have caused to millions of people.

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    Class Action lawsuits against Xi Jinping and the Chinese 🇨🇳 regime:
    – 🇬🇧 UK, demanding for $6.5 trillion in damage. This amount is about 6 times the Treasury Bonds that China is holding.
    – 🇪🇬 Egypt, seeking for $10 trillion.
    – 🇮🇹 Italy – Lombardy, seeking $20 billion in damages.
    – 🇺🇸 USA, 2 class action lawsuits, one in Florida and one in Texas. One is pursuing $20 trillion in damage.
    – 🇺🇸USA – Missouri state, seeking unspecified monetary compensation.
    – 🇺🇸USA – Mississippi state, seeking unspecified monetary compensation.
    – 🇺🇸 USA – New Yorkers, seeking unspecified monetary compensation.
    – 🇺🇸 USA –  DoJ has filed criminal charges against a Chinese company selling half of million fake N95 facemasks to the US.
    – Turkey, suing for negligence seeking unspecified monetary compensations.
    – 🇳🇬 Nigeria, suing China for $200 billion compensation.
    – 🇦🇷 Argentina , criminally charged Xi Jinping and his Politburo gang.
    Look it up if you don't believe this.

    —> Contact your lawyers to get the Chinese money.

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    more of the new normal, that is good more people are losing jobs in Canada , the goal is to stop the cases all together right, not to have a business in Canada right that is from all government policy too right

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    Good, they're now a despicable, woke, authoritarian company. I hope they go out of business and a better company buys their assets. Do not give the Canadian airlines one penny of taxpayer funds. Not one.

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    The ROCKEFELLER LOCK STEP Agenda is going exactly as planned. Boarders are closed and the ones that are opened require ridiculous quarantines. Nobody wants to fly across the Atlantic wearing a mask for 8 hours. This is a depopulation agenda folks and soon we will see the culling process.

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    bring more rich chinese from wuhan

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    Nice 33 in the intro…🙄

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    Within 2 years no one will fly anywhere

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    The elites just cut Canada in half. East vs West, just as they planned. Next step is to start restricting movement in the West. By spring, the internment centres will be ready along with the deployment of 36,000 rounds of teargas grenades to RCMP detachments across the country. Late winter (Feb/Mar) will also be when food shortages kick in. Sunny Days!

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    Corona is gone. World officials said to come back to work

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    Both Porter Airlines based at Toronto Island Billy Bishop airport and Air Canada can easily cover all passengers in eastern Canada. Porter uses propeller engines with 72 seats and they save 30 percent in fuel costs compared to a jet plane. With Westjets announcement today, Porter now has incentive to start flying in November. We shall see.

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    Christopher Meisner

    You can thank the PRC for this.

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    All for Agenda 21

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    What can we destroy next? Not much left.

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