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'We're going to slaughter you': The children of Syria's IS camp

Mark Stone visits a refugee camp in northern Syria where 70,000 ISIS women and children are living.

One child, who appears to be under 10 years old, asks our team to repent their sins and calmly says: “We’re going to kill you by slaughtering you. We will slaughter you.”

The camp is a holding centre for the women and children who emerged from the IS “caliphate” when it fell in March.

Although the al Hol camp was supposed to be temporary, many people remain in the camp in squalid conditions.

You can read more in this eyewitness piece from Mark Stone here:

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    Drop one like they did on Nagasaki and Hiroshima

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    Hey look they got their Utopia

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    Turn it into a glass parking lot.

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    But ALL are commanded to REPENT. ALL have sinned and fall short of GLORY of GOD…REPENT and be born again in JESUS CHRIST. John 14:6 John 3:3-7 Romans 10:9-13 😢 most humans are very cruel and evil

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    Media is crazy to bring radicals back to EU should they be accomplices if they do terrorist activities? Off course not TERRORIST ATTACK = MORE MONEY WIN WIN.

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    isn't it odd wherever the U.S decides to build "prison camps" the prisoners always seem to always get wayyy more radicalized? its almost like its done on purpose mhmmm

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    Call it for what it is, a mental asylum. What a humongous fckin tragedy. All in name of a bullshit 7th century book called Quran, which itself is a plagiarized version of another bullshit book called Bible.

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    Looks like many parts of western Europe at the moment

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    Send them to the nearest Saudi embassy….

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    Most problems in the world are caused by Islamic nutters.

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    Omg the poor wiminz and chilns, just bomb bemz no one wants demz not even there x husbands lol

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    Didn't Rory Stewart have a suggestion?

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    it's 1 trailer park, and what evidence of isis?

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    The free world need to step in and help the kurds to control these dangerous crowd. They can't control these big camps alone

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    Is Sky News going to also tell their qualified religious leaders they have it warped, yeah I’d like too see that. Muhamund also slaughtered defenceless people, so what is warped about that? STOP LYING!!!!

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    The news crew has massive balls.

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