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‘We need to be reminded of this’: New Yorkers react to art pop-up depicting detained children

Two dozen guerrilla art installations depicting detained migrant children in cages popped up on the streets of New York City on June 12. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    They wouldn't be in this condition if they came here legally. Do it the right way. By the way the children depicted in the pictures in cages was from the Obama Administration.

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    Again, children seeking asylum isn't illegal. Letting many of the children die while in these horrid make shift prisons needs to be.

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    About time, and very necessary. The US electorate have very limited memories … if this happened in a country like The Netherlands there would be a general strike.

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    Is their any art " popping up" depicting child molesters and drug dealers raping little children and or passing a random child off as their own? is there any art of people crying poor mouth while talking on their cell phones and getting bus rides through Mexico? Is there any artwork of the people that have marched their children through the deserts and have left the U.S. government no options but to keep these children safe in these holding facilities until they can be reunited with their real parents and sent back where they belong?……Just asking.

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    These kids AND adults don't need to go through any of this. All they have to do is obey the law, come here legally and wait their turn. No BP, No holding facilities. Respect our laws. Respect our law enforcement and act like you want to come here for the right reasons. That's all you have to do. If we, as Americans commit a crime we are taken from our children as well. Why should an illegal immigrant, breaking our laws, be treated any differently? If you don't like what happens when you do something the WRONG WAY..then do it the right way. Very simple.

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    FU to you morons who turn their heads and cling to "come here legally". They are here. And this is what you think is OK to do to them. May your children suffer as they do. May you suffer as they do. YOU did NOTHING to get here. Time to vet ALL "Americans", with no dispensation for legacy. Deport all your entitled heartless asses

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    Lol this is fuckin dumb. Washington post is a joke.

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    Here's my question: How is it that almost exactly one thousand people at a time leave Central America on foot, walk three thousand miles, have no money, no food, no shelter, and make it to our Southern border fat, healthy, good clothes, new Nike's . Look with your eyes. Do you think if you went to the Southern border with no money,no food, no backpack of clothes or shoes, no shelter, and started off to walk to Guatemala or Honduras that you would ever make it that far? If you did make it somehow, would you be fat, well dressed, with new Nike's on your feet? How does that happen? Someone is organizing and financing these caravans. Someone who wants to create a National Emergency. Someone who wants the system to be overwhelmed and someone who wants to declare martial Law and be dictator for life. Who do you know that meets those criteria?

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    When are people going to start calling this what it is…TRUMP DEATH CAMPS

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