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'We had minutes': California Glass wildfire rips through wine country

A destructive wildfire is being driven by strong winds through wine country north of San Francisco in California.
The Glass fire burned through Napa and Sonoma counties burning down buildings including wineries in the area.
The fire began Sunday as three fires merged and drove into vineyards and mountain areas, including part of the city of Santa Rosa. Around 70,000 people were under evacuation orders

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  1. Avatar
    Christina Lozano

    Oh noooo

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    first dislike boom

  3. Avatar
    Desiree Thompson

    Arson is running rampant in California. This is not climate change period. Gavin Newsom has been told that forest maintenance is essential.

  4. Avatar
    Diana SUNSHINE Wulf

    Keep on fracking & geoengineering ecology

  5. Avatar
    Diana SUNSHINE Wulf

    Ecology: What is Fukushima?

  6. Avatar

    na………. just put concrete over every thing,you`ll be fine.!

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    Lubova Strezneva

    Global warming= Global warning.

  8. Avatar

    why is Newsom holding back his laughing ? there is nothing funny. I live here.

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    Search China help
    Situation might be
    China outstanding for
    Us n China need to be

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    ReviewMan Walker

    i guess no wine this year

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    Thats not quite liveable…somehow 😐

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    Sorry for that america

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    Directed energy weapons system

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    I remember wearing sweaters in October, now I am wearing shorts.

  15. Avatar
    Higher Frequency

    Gavin Newson 😍💋

  16. Avatar

    Maybe don’t make a city basically in a desert?

  17. Avatar

    He who controls the weather controls the world.

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    Alcohol is haram. Read the signs

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    "F" Newsom. He's a political hack heading for removal from office! Petitions for removal are being signed
    is mass NOW! He has no idea what reality is.

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    i was in snow removal business for 32 years in Sunriver Oregon yes things are a lot different were in big trouble going get worst

  21. Avatar

    It's terrible what directed energy weapons can do these days

  22. Avatar

    Gavin your father was an environmental lawyer and on two boards – Environmental Defense Fund and Mountain Lion Foundation. How many of these ridiculous laws re our forests did your dad implement and push forward?

  23. Avatar

    Keep paving blacktop on everything!! Shopping centers, homes, etc, Mother Earth can't breathe!!

  24. Avatar
    Rebecca Cervantes

    This is indescribable. My heart is breaking.

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    Celtic CC Castle Clash

    1:38 see, that's what worries me about USA's environmental agenda. Every single article I seen on the death valley temperature said worlds hottest recorded temperature. There was never any mention of 1931

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    There is some fire bugs starting these fires.

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