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'We got momentum now': Sanders supporters celebrate Nevada win

Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters celebrate his win in the Nevada caucuses Feb. 22 in Las Vegas. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    WOW! these people are stupid…. just wait until the Democrat party yanks the rug out from under them and gives the nomination to Mini Mike…. Then they will be pissed…lol…

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    I cant wait to pay 70% of taxes! And have a pay cap ! Woohoo communism! Woohoo idiots !

  4. Avatar

    Was that Matt Christman from Chapo at the beginning?

  5. Avatar

    Very refreshing to see such a diverse group of Americans exercise their right to vote and get involved in politics. Now, if only we can get 80% of the eligible voters to actually vote, then that would be something.

  6. Avatar

    Imagine donating to this tard so he can afford his 5th house.

  7. Avatar

    Bernie, bring A.Yang as VP and you have my vote!

  8. Avatar

    Scary time for the U.S. when a socialist wins the vote in a caucus race. I can already tell you that he wont become president even if he gets the democratic nomination. Civil war will only result, it may even start if Trump is re elected.

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    Twenty something percent is hardly "momentum". Nice try, WaPo. Do you call this journalism? See, there's a reason nobody trusts you and calls you fake news.

  11. Avatar

    If young kids want communism so bad, why don't they just move to China?

  12. Avatar

    These people are too dumb to realize anything.

  13. Avatar

    Well meaning people that haven't a clue how money comes into existence, if they did they would hate this man.

  14. Avatar

    I seriously doubt that our vote counts…they need to do away with electoral votes. Either way ………BERNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Avatar

    How are their so many clueless People

  16. Avatar

    It should say momentum from Russia

  17. Avatar

    Yahoo- no more Yang , young guys – sarcasm. Idiots . Now we got ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ vs. Pigeon MAGA hat wearing trump. I’ll just order my wheelchair now from Amazon. Geriatric jell-o mold bastards. 😳🥺

  18. Avatar

    0:57 girl please brush that tongue🤢🤮😭

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