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'We Did The Right Thing': Trump Defends Coronavirus Response | NBC News

President Trump defends his administration’s actions on the coronavirus pandemic during a town hall in Florida.
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‘We Did The Right Thing’: Trump Defends Coronavirus Response | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    She should have fixed her hair and dressed better. She looks like a highlighter.

  2. Avatar

    Not ONE coherent statement about what was actually done, other than Herd Immunity, aka "I've done nothing".

  3. Avatar

    200 years ago theyd go to war for much less. now 200k ppl dies and china is still having fun

  4. Avatar
    Lynley Kerr Hogan

    Panic in DC and Silicon Valley! Bon voyage Deep State. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/03/28/when-it-comes-guantanamo-trump-truly-builder-chief.html

  5. Avatar
    nanpopco nanpopco


  6. Avatar

    Savannah Guthrie has to be the worst moderator in American history. Never have I seen such blatant bias and unprofessionalism. I will never watch anything with her on it again. She is a disgrace even for the media. I won't be watching NBC ever not that I ever did much before. Hopefully people finally realize the you cannot trust the MSM. They lie!!!

  7. Avatar

    To quote Dr. Fauci from TWiV #641 (5-minute mark), any PCR result using over 35 cycles is "just dead nucleotides, period." – i.e. a false-positive.

    Now, to quote NY Times 8-29-20: "Most tests set the limit at 40, a few at 37. " NYT found 90% were set way too high. Geit it? This is not hard to understand. It's over!


  8. Avatar

    Why dont he ever answer questions

  9. Avatar
    Imlooking 4-work-atm

    Go trump from the philippines

  10. Avatar

    Do not wear a mask, it is a dem hoax!! Trump 2020

  11. Avatar

    FIRE this CLOWN

  12. Avatar

    Sorry Big Tech companies, NBC, and the rest of the mainstream Media. We know your protecting Biden.
    Giuliani Previews UNRELEASED Info From Hunter's Hard Drive — Could Sink Biden Before Election

  13. Avatar

    I'm tossing back a shot every time that woman in the back nods her head.

  14. Avatar

    PHUCK abc, nbc, cbs and all the fascist communist news sites. Soon you all will be brought to JUSTICE. LAW AND ORDER WILL BREAK YOUR BACKS LIKE A TWIG. TRAITORS ALL OF YOU.

  15. Avatar

    Take the L NBC!

  16. Avatar

    no clue when this will be over .. hopefully savely 🙁

  17. Avatar

    Uglier by the day. Will he shoot Jerod Nov 1st? Claim Barr is a big fat "Grey" from outer space that has been manipulating his mind? Start a fire in the oval office claiming it was set by Hillary? Nah, it will be far more depraved

  18. Avatar

    Corona virus can now be hacked more info by harry101hackz @ instagram

  19. Avatar

    Yeah with a smart phone harry101hackz @ instagram taught me that…

  20. Avatar

    2/3 of the people in the US say you didn’t, haven’t, and aren’t doing a good job with the virus mr. trump.

  21. Avatar

    I love Bidens response to trumps comment where rounding the corner, Biden said i quote we used to call rounding the corner he's gone around the bend hahahahahahahahah

  22. Avatar

    Trump 2020

  23. Avatar

    Trump didn't even come close to doing the right thing! Worst failure in the history of the presidency!

  24. Avatar

    It seems that King Moron Trump can't even show some honest decency!

  25. Avatar

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  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar
    Enrique Hernandez,

    He know that the Trump virus is killing more blacks and Hispanic and people with health conditions and older people,Its on his watch and his responsibility, the Trump virus is deadly just like that President.

  29. Avatar

    I feel important and impressed with the way mrs landlay_12fx have been handling my trade . I can’t say much just try her out . Landlay_12fx

  30. Avatar

    trump is great

  31. Avatar

    Your a fuckn clown

  32. Avatar

    From an OSHA Inspector:
    I wanted to put this out there.  I have worked in a clean room for 23 years and 10 years on Submarines before that.  OSHA is the standard that you have to live by in these environments.  So for the people that are going to say, listen to the experts, OSHA would be those experts on face masks.  Please read the following with an open mind.  Not going to change the mind of the hard core believers, but it would be nice for those people to not attack us that are not, as not caring.  Not going to debate this, just putting it out there.

    If you care, then share.
    For all you mask wearers (especially those of you who think wearing it outside is NOT stupid 🤦🏼‍♀️). I know I’m about to burst your “google doctor degree” bubble, but here goes nothing.
    So Masks?
    I am OSHA 10&30 certified. I know some of you are too. I don’t really know WHY OSHA hasn’t come forward and stopped the nonsense BUT I want to cover 3 things
    • N95 masks and masks with exhale ports
    • surgical masks
    • filter or cloth masks
    Okay, so upon further inspection, OSHA says some masks are okay and not okay in certain situations.
    If you’re working with fumes and aerosol chemicals and you give your employees the wrong masks and they get sick, you can be sued.
    • N95 masks: are designed for CONTAMINATED environments. That means when you exhale through N95 the design is that you are exhaling into contamination. The exhale from N95 masks are vented to breath straight out without filtration. They don’t filter the air on the way out. They don’t need to.
    Conclusion: if you’re in Target and the guy with Covid has a N95 mask, his covid breath is unfiltered being exhaled into Target (because it was designed for already contaminated environments, it’s not filtering your air on the way out).
    • Surgical Mask: these masks were designed and approved for STERILE environments. The amount of particles and contaminants in the outside and indoor environments where people are CLOGGING these masks very, VERY quickly. The moisture from your breath combined with the clogged mask will render it “useless” IF you come in contact with Covid and your mask traps it, YOU become a walking virus dispenser. Everytime you put your mask on you are breathing the germs from EVERYWHERE you went. They should be changed or thrown out every “20-30 minutes in a non sterile environment.”
    • Cloth masks: I can’t even believe I’m having to explain this, but here it goes. Today, three people pointed to their masks as they walked by me entering Lowe’s. They said “ya gotta wear your mask BRO” I said very clearly “those masks don’t work bro, in fact they MAKE you sicker” they “pshh’d” me. By now hopefully you all know CLOTH masks do not filter anything. You mean the American flag one my aunt made? Yes. The one with sunflowers that looks so cute? Yes. The bandanna, the cut up t-shirt, the scarf ALL of them offer NO FILTERING whatsoever. As you exhale, you are ridding your lungs of contaminants and carbon dioxide. Cloth masks trap this carbon dioxide the best. It actually risks your health, rather than protect it. The moisture caught in these masks can become mildew ridden over night. Dry coughing, enhanced allergies, sore throat are all symptoms of a micro-mold in your mask.
    -Ultimate Answer:
    *N95 blows the virus into the air from a contaminated person.
    *The surgical mask is not designed for the outside world and will not filter the virus upon inhaling through it. It’s filtration works on the exhale, (Like a vacuum bag, it only works one way) but likely stops after 20 minutes, rendering it useless outside of a STERILE ENVIRONMENT (correct Becky, they don’t work in a bar, not even a little bit).
    *Cloth masks are WORSE than none. It’s equivalent to using a chain link fence to stop mosquitos.
    The CDC wants us to keep wearing masks. The masks don’t work, They’re being used to provide false comfort and push forward a specific agenda. For the love of God, research each mask’s designed use and purpose, I bet you will find NONE are used in the way of “viral defense"

  33. Avatar

    China started the fire all over the neighborhood, yes. However, how you choose to combat the fire in your house is your responsibility.

  34. Avatar

    Dammm right he did the right thing. NBC IS FAKE NEWS

  35. Avatar

    Has the second wave of coronavirus propaganda started yet?

  36. Avatar

    Spreading Covid far and wide and keeping it going is what trump has done.
    why? follow the money.

  37. Avatar

    Well by trumps logic, if everybody is dead from Covid, no one would be able to vote for Biden.

  38. Avatar

    This Virus is a REAL THREAT to EVERYONE IT INFECTS!!!….. 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002% of the time. BUT we can't take ANY chances!! Regardless of how many people suffer or get killed in the process. If a few thousand die of missed appointments, self harm, stress, missed health screenings that have been delayed, ect. THEN SO BE IT. AS LONG AS WE SAVE 1 sickly, immune compromised, senior with pre-existing conditions then it was all worth it!!! The people on TV told me so!!!

  39. Avatar

    tous les représentants de macrons et ceux qui aiment le dénie sont des assassins.les petits pharaons , franc maçons communo satanistes qui ont passer des lois pour assassiner les bébés dans le ventre de leurs mères a 9 mois, et vous voulez que ca s arrange? ces hommes là seront juger a la hâte. ce qui nous arrive et de notre faute, car nous nous sommes pas préoccupé de la moral de ce pays.retirer du mileu de nous les pyramides , les cupides et les égocentriques et peut-être que Dieu auras pitié de nous.car seul le christ peut nous aider.

  40. Avatar

    un des but c est de mettre a sac , l économie française, afin de justifier une ponction sur les comptes français, vous vous souvenez des lois qu ils ont passer en traitre pour autoriser la ponction des comptes.aprés cela on vous proposera un revenu universel sous condition que vous acceptez la marque de satan (vaccination qui comportera : une identité numérique visible sur la peau grace a la luciferase, des nanoparticules qui vous traceras a vie grace a la 5g,et le pire , le funvax qui sert a vous castrer spirituellement).la solution c est de résister et pour ma pars c est de croire en JÉSUS-CHRIST fils de Dieu , le seul qui les a vaincus et qui me donne la force.mattieu 6.6

  41. Avatar

    Tatay fred tuka tuka tuka lingayen high school

  42. Avatar

    Biden campaigning in Michigan without wearing a mask.

  43. Avatar

    Biden refuses to fit mask strip to his nose bridge; repeatedly repositions mask while close to people.
    Why wear a mask at all?

  44. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/1Lc3yl6_UZs – The Great Barrington Declaration – What all the top scientists in the world (thousands) agree on the way out of the Coronavirus mess.

  45. Avatar

    Trump is actually correct on this
    This virus will end the same way as the Spanish flu

  46. Avatar

    🔵🔵 Vote the Stable Liar out! 🔵🔵

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