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Watchdog agency wants Kellyanne Conway fired after 'egregious' political remarks | USA TODAY

A report by the Office of Special Counsel described Kellyanne Conway’s offenses as “egregious, notorious and ongoing.”

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  1. Avatar

    The Hatch Act is exceptionally vague….

    The Logan Act however is cut and dry which states explicitiy that no one can speak upon the U.S. in a foreign country without being duly elected…..which John Kerry has violated…..

  2. Avatar

    The OSC is engaging in partisan politicking and should replace those personnel within the OSC that are a part of such egregiously willful misconduct!!

  3. Avatar

    Nineveh with the same failed narratives, for US to attack someone, anyone. Will experiencing more devastation? Exchange Venezuela for Iran. And Syria for Venezuela. Seriously nobody believes anything coming from the US government. It lacks credibility.

    The most basic question wasnt answered. What motive would Iran have too attack the Japanese? Did the ships not have names on them identifying their origin? This is the worst false flag ever.

  4. Avatar

    So DEMS spout BS 24/7 and Trumps people must shut up?

  5. Avatar

    What's the real problem?
    Someone clarify in brief and simple

  6. Avatar

    Trump wont fire her he loves that she is ok with breaking the law and lying

  7. Avatar

    She is going nowhere
    Wait and see

  8. Avatar

    Kellyanne is an American Traitor for supporting Trump who sides with our enemies, Russia and North Korea. Kick her to the curb

  9. Avatar

    Conway is paid from appropriated funds from Congress specifically for Presidential staff. She is therefore specifically exempt from the terms of the Hatch Act by the Hatch Act itself. Just another attack on the President by the ignorant. Yawn.


    Hatch Act

    For the purposes of this section the term "officer" or "employee" shall not be construe to include
    (1) the President and the Vice Presdent of the United States;
    (2) persons whose compensation is paid from the appropriation for the office of the President;
    (3) heads and assistant heads of executive departments;
    (4) officers who are appointed by the President, by and with the advice and
    consent of the Senate, and who determine policies to be pursued by the
    United States in its relations with foreign powers or in the Nation-wide
    administration of Federal laws.

    Conway is covered under (2) as Counsel to the President.

  10. Avatar

    Fake News, I don't think Trump fired to begin with, he refused to fire Kellyanne!!!🇺🇸😡👍

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