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Watch what happened when Harris asked Barrett about climate crisis

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris questioned Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett about the climate crisis, but Barrett refused to say that climate change was a threat despite ample scientific evidence.

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    This Amy chick pissed me off with her attitude. She doesn't even know the first amendment!

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    You all bag Judge Barret for being evasive. So why not confront Biden and Harris to give a resolute answer in regards to packing the courts ????????????? Ah the right the voters don't deserve to know. Wouldn't you think that packing the courts would be a bigger issue????????????

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    This judge is a dope

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    She can get out of the questions knowing she can go to 'confession" and admit to her answers as being evasive/lying, told to do some Hail Mary's and she is forgiven. Wonderful.

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    Kamala was being a condescending c word.

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    ACB answered excellently.

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    Wonderful. Nutjobs that believe only in nonsense for Supreme court.

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    Why does Harris ask questions when she has never answered any

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    So, basically Barrett got paranoid and then defensive believing that Harris was playing mind games. Climate change isn't a matter of public debate — climate change is a reality documented by decades of peer reviewed science. Denying climate change is the same as denying that humans need to breathe oxygen. What Barrett showed in that moment was her clear and present partisanship. She also showed prejudicial ignorance of a topic she very well may have to rule on. Republicans deny climate change because they are lobbyists for and beneficiaries of fossil fuel companies. They also have a voter base against environmental protection. Like everyone else, Barrett is a Conservative politician before anything else. And she will rule as such in accordance to Conservative, even ultra Conservative, values.

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    We know as much about this nominee after the hearings as we did before the hearings which is nothing. She didn't answer a god damn thing. I say her testimony is disingenuous. We have a right to know her stances on the burning issues we have today in our country.

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    Once again Trump and the GOP are destroying the constitution and adding another water boy to the team Trump and the GOP are criminals on a daily basis the rule of law must be enforced to the highest level right now

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    Amy coney Barrett is sick. Not to mention her bad temperament.

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    Senator harris is such a low IQ individual

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    we dont have to follow this woman's suggestion. she wishes she could be in ACB's position. Go home kamala

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    Harris is not even in the same league as judge ACB

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    I love the hypocrisy. If Hilary would won in 2016 guarantee they would have rush a nominee as well. Democrats get over it lol

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    It is certainly not scientifically controversial that CO2 levels are rising, that CO2 allows UV but absorbs IR and that the pattern of warming in the upper atmosphere is consistent with such absorption. Only in the propaganda of some folks is greenhouse gas induced climate change controversial.

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    She trusts the science and research on cigarettes and covid-19, but human accelerated climate change is beyond her level of reasoning and is simply political.

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    Philippe Llena-Naud

    The whole point of the hearings is to evaluate her and judge whether or not she’s fit to be on the supreme court.
    This just seems like a democratic campaign rally more than anything.

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    Give it up kamala. This woman makes you look like a drooling psych patient.

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    Climate change a debatable point. Really.

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    Is the sky blue… well does Blitzer suck at his job

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    Stupid Harris did her black ⚫ thing, but didn't work…. you forgot who is smarter!

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    Harris is great at reading the teleprompter for 5 minutes while ACB wings it for 30 hours now and answers perfectly.

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    She most likely will over turn Roe V Wade!

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    Kamala is such a POS . Apparently doesn't know the constitution !!!! Her Quote " this is an illegitimate process" I call bullshit !!! great vp she would make !!! smh

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    Kamala Harris is an idiot.

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    Shut up fake news

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    Why can’t we have a great person like Barrett as our Vice President instead of a bully nasty woman like Harris?? Hmmmmmm

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    no matter it's contentious or not, pls just answer the question by your knowledge and conscience!

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    This crazy woman didn't answer ANY DAMN QUESTION. To me she's a danger , like we don't have enough. I already dislike her. Answer the damn questions now that you took up the time that was supposed to go to important matters . She's stupid and selfish

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    Every time she has an opinion that isn't popular, even when the question has a clear yes or no answer, she refuses to answer. The USA is so fucked. Tbh I hope the dems pack the court because it may be the only thing that can save us from the existential threat of climate change and the looming reality of our slow crawl towards facism…

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    These hearings are a sham. Posturing senators, in love with their own voice, waffling on for ever than asking a silly pointless question. It is not the role of judges to define scientific truth or prejudge anything.

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    Petty, petty, petty

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    Barret i ll find her very scaery, look at ther young Kids now setting 3 hole days, listening for mother her profit its kidsabuse and discusting

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    Why does Americans think climate change is "politically controversial"?
    The level of idiocy, geez I used to think US was a leader of the world.

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    so speaks the Harris administration, with Joe Biden….

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    Confusion news NETWORK…. CNN is so fake… HARRIS IS A SNAKE AND CRIMINAL

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    I pray you guys Repent for you have blood on your hands your hearts are waxing cold Who is on the Lord side

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    LOL She just made Harris look like a clown!

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    Karmala is a dispicable b,,t smug psychotic smile on her face Tell Polosi about the stimulus package , nothing to do with the judge and everything else she is saying Your concerns are bs Do two things at the same time , what's the difference , they're not in the same vain CNN bs It can be done in 21 days but the Democrats trying to hold it up Yes ,what's illegitimate about this Ask Biden about his pick ,he won't say

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    Kamala, you’re out go your league girl. Give it up and go home.

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    Trump will win Re-election it’s hard to beat a President running for a second term

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    THE Greatest Love Story EVER

    The will of the people was to allow this President to nominate Supreme Court Justices for 4 Years, Our President is doing his Job. Why don't you do your Job and report the News … Why don't you report at least one or two of the breaking Stories that came out today ?

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    Clearly a more intelligent lady than kamala

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    They're are still going to rush her through. This is sad

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