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WATCH: U.S. Department of Justice officials hold a news conference

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray and other U.S. Department of Justice officials hold a news conference on “a national matter.” Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Trumpistas goin' wild, but any possible juries done bin tainted, folks. This brings justus just one step closer to Putin-model totalitarianism. Good luck with that.

  2. Avatar

    tRump killed 200000 Amerikans.
    What about us?

  3. Avatar

    Why is this matter being handled by you idiots? This should go to military court not the idiots in the federal court system! We are not going to feed these mother fuckers for life at the SuperMax attending to their demands and special Muslim foods!

  4. Avatar

    Stop blowing sunshine up Barr's butt. You succeeded IN SPITE of AG Barr!! Good work folks

  5. Avatar

    Theee Only Trump Appointee that I trust, and I’m behind!! Christopher Wray “ROCKS”!!!

  6. Avatar

    What about BLM and ANTIFA, and other communist insurgents here in the USA? This is nice, but….

  7. Avatar

    Wray your a Rat

  8. Avatar

    don't hear much about ISIS since Obama and Biden are gone

  9. Avatar

    16:05 dude comes out of nowhere, without a mask. i dont care, its just an observation.

  10. Avatar

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  11. Avatar

    Chad wolfe for president

  12. Avatar

    …But NO Death-Penalty for the DeCapitators…Did-Wray ever Watch a DeCapitiation, or Severed-Heads of These-Victims??!!

  13. Avatar

    Must be a hell of a fight going on behind the scenes. AG Barr explaining the laws of the nation to the Director of the FBI

  14. Avatar

    And…? What about CrookedYouKnowWho, Crooked Cops? 😲

  15. Avatar
    Mighty Shanolgorhythm

    16:12 starts with mask nonsense

  16. Avatar

    screw that, where are the clinton, comey, obama indictments?

  17. Avatar

    Thank You for Protecting America! 🇺🇸

  18. Avatar

    That is great news! However, i would like to know where the US Domestic charges in relation to these charges as we know McCain, NObama, and other U S dignitaries were INVOLVED in the creation of ISIS! So when are domestic warrants on things like Clinton working with Russia colluding and doing TREASON against a U S Duly Elected President before or after election while spying on the President while in office HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED BUT DELAYED AND IGNORED by those in CIA, DOJ & FBI. HEY FOLKS THIS IS NO LONGER A SECRET AND ACTUALLY SOMETHING MOST HAVE FIGURED OUT ON THEIR OWN…. Dir Wray is it okay if i go on line and threaten or suggest death of a sitting President? NO! Where are YOUR ACTIONS AGAINST SUCH BEHAVIOR? START WITH TREASON… should have been handled before the Mueller Hoax! I find these actions disgusting 🤮and the cause for most of American RIOTS ( NOT PROTESTING BUT RIOTS ) and destruction coming from side of DEM & RINOs past & present! GET IT DONE DO YOUR JOBS!🇺🇸

  19. Avatar

    Now can you indict yourselves for failing the American people even though you've extorted more than enough money to do your jobs…

  20. Avatar
    Thor God of thunder

    This is a good moment for the families,and for our nation.

  21. Avatar

    Fabricated commotion of a dead crotch (Trump) before election. So, lets do some “grandiosity” so to put my numbers up” = Propaganda Of totalitarian regimes! The use of some even to deviate attention over the important issues!!! Trump is a DESPICABLE RUSSIAN ASSET!

  22. Avatar

    ​ Billionaires or large corparations have the laws written then they donate to these politicians to have them passed, Just look at sleepy Joe Bidden do you realy think he authored the 1999 crime bill that created hundreds of new prisons and locked up thousands of minoritiys most of them black, generating billions of dollars for the private prisons, We need term limits to strip this kind of corruption, Our great President Trump is reversing years of bad policys like the 1999 crime bill law. I mean no disrepect to you, please watch alternative media not lame stream media

  23. Avatar
    Charolette Sankareh

    May it bring confront to the families❤🇺🇸❤

  24. Avatar

    And now every american can see a.g.barr has obstructed justice for the treasonous f.b.i and d.o.j.

  25. Avatar

    Obama, hillary, comey and all involved need to have tribunals for treason. Death penaly and exile should be on the table

  26. Avatar

    this is all a distraction

  27. Avatar

    Wray sessions rat rosenstein all need gitmo hanged

  28. Avatar

    If we could also REMEMBER BENGHAZI because CLINTON & OBAMA were in charge of FAILING AND NEGATING increases to security and extraction of our USA Ambassador in Libya in 2012.

  29. Avatar

    Why can the commie d.o.j or f.b.i continue as law enforcement? They allow and obstruct justice for crimes. They aided in a attempted coup against a duly elected president. Not one of them is innocent. All gitmoed and hanged for their treasons and crimes as wellas oath breaking.

  30. Avatar

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  31. Avatar

    Stop calling these criminals ‘ Beatles’, it is deeply offensive. Stop it now!

  32. Avatar

    Anyone selling uranium to Russia would be hung by the neck until dead. Not Hillary !

  33. Avatar

    I hope you talking about the cinnamon checks to pass it

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