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WATCH: Trump speaks to reporters as he departs for California

President Trump speaks to reports as he departs for campaign events in California and Nevada. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    FGS! For the sake of all of us, for the sake of the world, but most of all for the sake of this sick, stupid old man, 25 the 45, and remove him from office!

  2. Avatar

    Trump did not ask Barr for leniency for his friends. He did it out in the open thru tweets just so he can truly say “I did not ask Barr to intervene”. They know how to bulls$&t people.

  3. Avatar

    Trump said, "When I want to get something to the press, I tell certain people". That's what I had suspected.

  4. Avatar

    Trump Always says, "I didn't do x…but, I CAN if I wanted too". Which means, HE DID DO IT. He's also saying, that every Right winger is innocent, but, every Dem is guilty

  5. Avatar

    This bloated self-admitted sexual predator is what the rest of the world sees.

  6. Avatar

    You could put Nancy out make America great again

  7. Avatar

    I have a question. On my California ballot: Anybody know what an American Independent is? Independent yes. But this one, with America attached, has me scratching my head. It was ruled by the Superior Court deemed unlawful not to name President Trump on the ballot.

  8. Avatar

    Trump should depart for prison or a mental ward. I'd prefer a mental ward within a prison. Dude is not right upstairs folks.

  9. Avatar

    With all the negative comments, he’s still going to be re-elected 2020.

  10. Avatar

    I can't believe that America fell for this conman…

  11. Avatar

    Moving to norway where normal exists

  12. Avatar

    TDS = tRumps Dotard Syndrome

    The world suffers from TDS.

  13. Avatar

    Trump can do whatever he wants ,and no matter how bad what he does is the Republicans wont care …They now only see what Trump wants them to see,the way he sees it

  14. Avatar

    Nothing but a fast talking N.Y. conman. Duped the poor rubes.

  15. Avatar

    I hope he blows an aneurism while forcing out a rock hard turd on the toilet.

  16. Avatar

    why, is he always talking over jet engines

  17. Avatar

    What’s he coming to California for?! 😠🤬🤦‍♂️ oh yea that’s right he’s building a wall instead of a bridge 🙄 🧱

  18. Avatar

    Is it taking an non serviced helicopter with a malfunctioning robotic pilot.

  19. Avatar

    He's very often doing interviews next to his plain or helicopter. This makes him look like he's in a hurry and doing important stuff. We all know how he spends most of his time…

  20. Avatar

    Donald Trump is the fraud and scam. Always deflects his inadequacies on others. Lies, more lies.

    Donald Trump is the only one who has exploited and taken advantage of the American people.

  21. Avatar

    If I where convinced of these crimes they would through alway the Keyes.

  22. Avatar

    America now is coward, selfish and feceless. Shame!!!

  23. Avatar

    Almost all of what he says is lies. He says he called this person and that person – never happened !

  24. Avatar

    Why are reputable agencies reporting the lies spouting from the orange mouth of the fuhrer tRump when we all know he can't state truth or facts if his life depended on it and as for intelligence…. excuse me, tRump and intelligence are foreign to each other and never will meet.

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Quit Covering Chopper Talk!

    Or Airplane Talk!

  27. Avatar

    God Bless President Trump!! President Trump for "We the American People" Four more years Nov. 3rd 2020!!❤😇🇵🇾

  28. Avatar

    Hold your nose when you get to California because Liberal & Democrat politicians are turning that state into a big pile of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

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    Oh…. such a moron. How anyone doesn't just yell "Liar!" or "Douchebag!" or "Make America Moral Again and get the hell out!!" to his face is beyond me.

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  31. Avatar

    2:33 "…that whole Democratic Party, or Democrat Party as I say which is really the correct name…" LOL! You KNOW he JUST learned that.

  32. Avatar

    Hoped some one asked him how his hair stayed nearly on….which product he use to let it almost stay in this blowy air….🤣

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