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Watch: Trump speaks to reporters after Sondland acknowledges ‘quid pro quo’ involving Ukraine

President Trump speaks to reporters as Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, testifies in a public hearing of the Trump impeachment inquiry. Sondland said in the hearing that President Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, sought to condition a White House invite for Ukraine’s new president to demands that his country publicly launch investigations that could damage Trump’s political opponents. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    IQ45 What the american people want is for you to go to jail you traitorous piece of 💩

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    The first 1:07:02 is the most coherent … it's rapidly going downhill after that.

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    Simply asking the question no matter if it’s nice, perfect, sad, mad, yelling, etc… is illegal and a crime. Period.

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    Trump is human garbage, pure and simple!!!

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    That thing in the White House is cuckoo🤨

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    Resign now Trump! "Yes, it's all OVER"! Make a deal or go to Federal prison!!!

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    Hey Americans you really know how to pick him……….LOL The Americans are going down in history as the most corrupt government who hides behind the conservative Republicans who will lie, cheat, bribe, stall hearings anything for them to stay in power…….what happen to patriotism and loving their country…….if you love your country then vote out the Republicans!!!

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    This is the ravings of a Guilty Lunatic…
    45's days are numbered – The 'Days of Bullshit' are over….
    His BP is off scale and I bet his resignation is only days away

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    Trumped is so fucked. Rot in jail coward and liar

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    My question is this;
    Trump saw corruption and went after it. Is the issue that the corruption he went after was from a political rival?
    I mean, should the Bidens be immune to investigation from the president because Joe Biden is a Democratic political rival? Doesn't that just seem dumb?

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    donald dump the mix up and twisted up one.

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    He can't even explain a lie correctly. Lololol!

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    Why doesn't the Attorney General appoint a special prosecutor to look in Ukrainian interference in our elections from 2016 until 2020?

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    New York doesn't want Trump. Send the Dick Head to North Korea.

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    looks like the addy is doing baddy to his brain

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    I can't believe he had to read that word salad off of a piece of paper. This was his Gettysburg Address moment

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